CAKE to Introduce All-Electric Off Road Motorbike at Outdoor Retailer 2018

The company’s first light, silent and clean electric motorbike to be revealed bit-by-bit leading up to the show

Stefan Ytterborn & Conny Karlsson

Board of Directors for CAKE

As a natural next step, in the development of CAKE, a new Board of Directors has been appointed, at the extraordinary meeting on the 6th of December 2017.

CAKEworks evolves

CAKE’s cross-scientific sustainability formation, welcomes two new members:
Mia Hesselgren, from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).
Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear.

CAKE successfully completes its first external financing round

”We are pleased to announce that CAKE has successfully completed its first external financing round through a directed share issue. The completion of the intended SEK 20.4M involves a small group of investors with firm and strategic relevancy, going forward.
It’s energizing having established a palette of partners in associated fields and relevant geographies including Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and USA…

Please meet Niclas Ihrén, Head of ”CAKE Works” – A cross scientific approach to sustainability.

CAKEs mission: to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun, developing light weight, silent and clean electric off-road performance bikes, requires a cross-scientific approach to sustainability.

“To provide the competence and guidance needed in terms of sustainability, in the areas of clean technology, ethical conduct, circularity and lifecycle perspective, to the benefit of people and planet, CAKE needs the best minds in this sector, too and launches CAKEworks”.
Says: Stefan Ytterborn Founder & CEO of CAKE.

CAKE: The next ride is electric

Stefan Ytterborn, founder of premium snow and cycling gear maker POC, reveals his next venture

Following the successful journey with POC, and more than three decades as an influential force in design, product development and communication, Stefan Ytterborn today reveals his next venture – CAKE. Leveraging the joint background from outdoor and innovation, the new technology company develops uncompromised high performance zero emission off-road motorcycles, scheduled to launch in 2017.