CAKE is a Swedish company, with a clear mission, to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun, by developing light, quiet and clean hi performance electric off-road motorbikes.

The category:

The category of light electric off-road motorbikes has been evolving from small dedicated builders, assembling and customizing standard parts from the cycling and motorcycling space. These hybrids, equipped with motors, batteries and controllers, off the shelf and soaped, pointed out the direction towards something that will change the future of riding. The properties of an electrical drivetrain, different to a combustion engine, means a number of things. The weight aspect is one. Being able to reduce the weight dramatically, compared to what a similar combustion bike would be, supports snappy and lively rides, as well as inviting anybody despite physical condition to comfortably handle the bike. They are light.

The fact that it’s nearly silent, boosts the riding experience and serves for absolute presence whilst out exploring.
It is also enhancing the level of respect towards the surroundings and those sharing the space with you, whether it’d be fellow hikers, wild animals or maybe even your neighbours when riding your back yard track.

The cleanliness has numerous sides to it. The fact that there is no pollution or fumes (see CAKEworks tab) and that you are able to charge your bike with renewable energy or even with the solar panels from CAKE, never ever having to sap the grid, through the lifetime of the bike, is the true evidence of sustainability. Since there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, the bike doesn’t suck up dirt like a magnet, meaning it’s more like a bicycle

The simplicity of riding is evident.
Thanks to the progressive span of an electric motor, no gears are needed. -The hassle of clutching and changing gears doesn’t exist. Throttling and braking is all there is to it. That together with the lightness, the absence of noise and the fact that one can pre set the level of bike performance, invites everyone, regardless of previous experience, to enjoy and to explore.

Spending hours in the garage is history as maintenance is very limited. Compared to a combustion engine, there are very few moving parts and to take the level of simplicity further the drive train has direct drive. The level of maintenance is marginal. Clean the bike, you might need to change a tire if you get a flat, make sure to service the brakes like on a MTB, check your suspension from time to time and just charge it, for more riding.

The CAKE take:

So what´s the CAKE take on the above?
We wanted to maximize the advantages with the electrical drive train, to develop an industrially manufactured, performance off-road ride, leaving nothing at chance.
That said, we have tested everything there is out there, having had 100s of people testing and sharing the experience with us. Anybody from international pro athletes in MX, DH MTB and Dirt to average people with no prior experience, men and women between 12 and 75 years old.
We realized we had to start from scratch.

The CAKE bike:

KALK CAKEs first bike.
The KALK model, is a first among a number of models to come.
The focus here has been off-road performance and innovation.
The ride is strongly influenced by DH and Enduro MTBs, in terms of geometry, suspension, stance, components and handling.
As there weren’t anything off-the shelf to support the category, every single component had to be developed from an empty sheet to support the intended level of quality and durability:
The sizing, the geometry and engineering of axles, hubs, rims, the cockpit and suspension, as well as building and customizing the different parts of the drivetrain, together with developing a whole new chassis; having led to numerous patent pending’s, constituting the new category.

Reason behind the name:

The name KALK for CAKEs first model and platform has its reason because of KALKsten or Limestone, being the bedrock of the island of Gotland.
The Gotland bedrock was largely made up of coral reefs, created in the tropical sea four hundred million years ago. The continental drift, took Gotland on a ride from the tropical waters, made a few turns and placed it in the Baltic Sea, where the rest of the surroundings are mostly granite.
That white limestone gives Gotland a special light and flight, which is unique.
And that same white limestone is what we use and will be using for CAKE tracks.
It´s perfect for building jumps, curves, banks and rollers. Add a little water and it becomes beautifully solid.
KALK it is.


The CAKE KALK bike, built for light off-road performance, uses an industrial standard IPM motor, customized for CAKE and made in Europe.
It´s a 15 kW mid motor, powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery for torque and range, conducted by specifically developed and tuned software, for the controller and dynamic performance.
With the intention of simplicity, promoting easiness in terms of riding as well as maintenance, it´s a light bike weighing in at sub 70 kilos, using a single pivot direct drive, reducing the number of heavy and moving parts.
The suspension is specifically developed, by Öhlins supporting the category of hi performance at minimum weight.
Nothing has been left aside and every part including axles, hubs, cockpit, sprockets and even the tires (to minimize wear and footprint of trails being used), have been explicitly designed and engineered for the ultimate experience.

The light and snappy ride, with it´s focus on off and on trail riding, in the outback, means that its main character is about torque and acceleration, while providing a quiet gliding and surfy experience.
Thanks to it´s digital pre setting it´ll let anyone fly at their own level.

Weight: sub 70 kilos
Top speed: 70 Km/h
Nm: 42 on motor shaft
Range: up to 80km, 2-3 hours free riding/enduro or 45-60 min full throttle at the track
IPM motor with direct drive
Kw: 15 peak, converted to hp: 16hp
Lithium Ion battery pack, at 2.6 Kw/h
The controller services 3 riding modes
Adjustable motor braking

-15kW peak/9kW continuous
-42Nm peak torque
-3000 rpm

-18650 lithium cells
-51.8 Volt

-Configured for 3 ride moods
-Tunable motor braking and re-gen
-Future up date ready

-6061 aluminium, extruded, CNC jointed and welded.

-Carbon fiber.

Swing arm

-6061 aluminium extruded tube profile with linkage.

-The upside down fork is air/oil sprung and features 38mm stanchion tubes for extra rigidity and strength, with 204mm travel, specially developed by Öhlins. It is adjustable for high-speed compression, low-speed compression and low-speed rebound.

-Öhlins TTX dampening technology, Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system, 3-level high speed and 16 click low speed compression and 7 low speed rebound
adjustment. Linkage.

-Motorcycle standard, four pistons calipers, alloy levers and 220mm/3.2mm stainless steel rotors.

Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium, 800mm wide, 20 mm rise, 31.8mm.

Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium stem with integrated dashboard.


Developed by Reconsider.

Wheels and tires
-Enlarged 25 mm axles
-Aerospace grade 7075 Power hubs™
-24 inch/50 mm 6061 alloy, triple chamber rims.
-24 inch specially developed tires for durability and minimum trail wear.

All fenders and side plates made of carbon fibres.

All bearings throughout the bike are SKF´s.

*Note that all specs are subject to changes