The Gotland Enduro Championship, the first race for a Kalk OR.

The Gotland Enduro Championship, the first race for a Kalk OR. CAKE friend and Yamaha team rider (when on gasoline) @robertkvarnstrom managed to accomplish was an impressive result and a massive boost for everyone supporting the electric revolution.
– Heat Winner
– Winner of the electric class
– 5th fastest time, 5 laps VS. all classes pro to amateur (118 gasoline participants)
Race summary:
First out on the track, the only option was compete in the electric discipline together with all smaller classes, meaning tons of riders on the track and continuous overtakes from Robert, having to shout out loud at slower riders who didn’t hear him coming. Unfortunately, the track became faster later during the day. Robert and his CAKE was exceptionally the fast during the technical parts and went well on the big open meadows.
The new category
First of all, despite the success, winning against traditional dirt bikes, the Kalk is not engineered to imitate or to compete against combustion engine dirt bikes.
The Kalk is a first step establishing a new category of motorbikes, designed for a new user matrix.
It’s about building light, quiet and clean, easy to ride, low maintenance, high performance machines, ride without disturbing. Exploring new areas with respect.
Design and engineering
The Kalk is engineered around the electric drivetrain to maximize the riding performance. The electric drive train are completely different from an internal combustion engine, with benefits for each side. An electric drivetrain includes a solid battery, electric motor and a controller, and features instant torque from zero, direct drive, no need for a clutch, few moving parts, low tinkering, no fumes, no sounds, no filters, no oils, tuneable riding modes and regen breaking, responsive and great throttle control and swappable batteries.
– All parts and components are developed from scratch to keep the weight down at with highest possible performance. Everything from the e.g. rims, hubs, stems to the custom Öhlins suspension are engineered and dimensioned, specific for the Kalk and the new category of lightweight electric motorbikes. The components are in a new category and derive from high-end DH components in terms of technology, materials and manufacturing but heavily reinforced, rather than downscaled MX components. Standard DH parts becomes too weak and MX parts too heavy.
There are numerous hybrids, combining off-the-shelf MTB and motorbike components.
The MTB components are too weak and the MX parts, too heavy, not serving for the specifics of the electric drivetrain.
Same thing goes for traditionally designed dirtbikes, where the combustion engine is simply swapped for an electric, not particularly efficient.
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