CAKE Wins NK Innovation Award 2019

(Stockholm, Sweden – August 27, 2019)
– CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorbikes, is announced as the proud winner of the coveted NK Innovation Award 2019. For the 4th consecutive year, NK hosted the NK Gala Award, honoring extraordinary achievements within design & fashion. Among the five categories, CAKE was awarded as the winner in the Innovation category.

“It’s somehow an unusual award for us, but nonetheless extremely flattering. With the ambition of doing good and new, in combination with user excitement and aspiration, matters of quality, performance, innovation and style are the cornerstones.
Those cornerstones are also the limiting components where each and every person needs to motivate and energize others for an exponential end result. Not all juries understand that. Thank you NK,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

Developed from scratch to be ultra lightweight with unprecedented reliability and durability, offering industry-leading performance and countless riding possibilities, CAKE motorbikes break barriers, and the newest model, the Kalk&, is the first performance bike that carries a street legal title. Combining the performance and excellence for off-road use with the benefits of efficiency and lack of pollution and noise, the Kalk& becomes the ultimate vessel for urban commuting. The bike is just the beginning of CAKE’s line of motorbikes to come.

Specs, final price and availability are listed on the brand’s website. The deposit is 200 USD or EUR, the currency depending on the customer’s delivery address. Find the Kalk& at and at select retailers.

CAKE Wins NK Innovation Award 2019

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