A cross-scientific approach to sustainability

CAKEs mission: to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. Developing light, quiet and clean electric off-road performance bikes, requires a cross-scientific approach to sustainability. To promote the competence and guidance needed in terms of sustainability, in the areas of clean technology, ethical conduct, circularity and life cycle perspective, to the benefit of people and planet, CAKEworks is born. CAKEworks gathers a variety of competencies to coach and lead processes at CAKE, to minimize footprint, now and in the future.

The beauty of being able to share the outdoors with respect, riding a bike without air or sound pollution is a big step forward. That said and progressively improving the cleanliness, there are of course additional dilemmas. Matters of safety and speed, sharing space or the evident destruction of wheels grinding through the sensitive ground, are other aspects where we need to take responsibility.

Speaking about electricity, it´s not a clean choice by automation. Extracting elements, processing material, manufacturing, transportation and use are examples in need for electricity and depending on the source, it might be more or less sufficient, in regards to sustainability.

CAKEworks is active in a number of ways to accelerate and to improve initiatives to minimize footprint, in the transition from combustion to electric. It´s not going to happen overnight, it´s a process and the more people and organizations committed to making a difference, the sooner we will get there.

The formation is lead by Mr. Niclas Ihrén; an expert and management consultant working with sustainability, corporate responsibility, radical innovation and strategic communication, internationally.

CAKEworks team