ANT Ösa Moto-kit

The ANT moto-kit fits all Ösa models and is manufactured and sold by Hookie Co. GmbH.

Hookie offers the kit in custom colors. Hookie will reach you back to make your custom kit a reality!
All parts are handmade in Germany.

Material: Aluminium, Vegan Alcantara, PLA and PA12, Stainless.

This kit includes:
LED Koso Headlight with ANT Bracket,
ANT Body (custom color available),
3x ANT Bodyshell Brackets,
ANT Brackets, Battery Basket,
Rucksack Hook, Seat with Vegan Alcantara (more colors available),
1 pair FROZEN Grips, RAPID Indicators,
LED Taillight Unit,
ANT Footpeg Plate, Hookie Decal Set

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

CAKE are currently not carrying stock of this item, we recommend to purchase it straight from Hookie.

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