Central stand kit

245 EUR

SKU SP00355

Central stand kit for Makka.

If you replace a side stand with a central stand or you also need a central stand bracket, find it here.

This kit includes:
1 central stand
1 spring bracket stand
2 spring adapters
1 M10 axle stand
3 pcs DIN 94 SP A4 2x25
1 pc castle nut DIN 935 A4 M10
1 pc DIN 125 RB A4 10.5x2
2 pcs clevis Pin 6.4x18
1 pc DIN 125 RB A4 6.4x12x1.6 (M6 washer)
2 pcs spacer 6.5/10x7.5
2 pcs screw M6S M6x16 A4 DIN 933
1 spring Dt=3.2 De=22 L0=79.4
1 spring Dt=1.6 De=11 L0=78.1
1 spring Dt=2, De=18, L0=70

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

This part fits

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Makka range
Makka range :work