The anti-poaching initiative

Poaching has become a growing concern for wildlife conservation areas worldwide, in some cases pushing animals to the brink of extinction. In a joint initiative, CAKE and the Southern African Wildlife College have set out on a mission to save wild endangered species – using quiet electric motorbikes.

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Support and join the anti-poaching efforts!

In line with CAKE’s commitment to wildlife preservation, three percent of the proceeds from each purchase related to anti-poaching, from bikes to merch, goes directly to the Southern African Wildlife College.

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”The bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. Sometimes we’ve had to transport the fuel with helicopters, which is very unsustainable and costly for us.

With the CAKE bikes, we can ride quietly and protect the wild from poaching more efficiently. Ultimately, we do believe we will be able to save more animals.”

- Mfana Xaba, Anti-poaching team leader Southern African Wildlife College

The anti-poaching initiative