Flower Power Limited Edition

Mono-colored Kalks to support the global bee and pollinator population.

To shed further light on the alarming situation and make a contribution to saving the planet's bee population, CAKE presents the Flower Power Limited Edition.

All Kalk models are available in seven different color options. The seven colors, which represent flowers that are easy to grow and essential for the survival of bees, are limited to 20 of each color and 5% of profits from these Kalks will be donated to our partner the World Bee Project.

The CAKE Flower Power Limited Edition bikes are sold out.

The initiative

The number of insects have decreased dramatically over the past 30 years, jeopardizing the entire ecosystem. Some of the insecticides being used not only kill unwanted insects but all insect life that is exposed to the chemicals.

The Flower Power initiative is a small contribution sharing the painful reality of our fragile ecosystem, where everyone is obligated to change and take action.” said Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of CAKE.

The World Bee Project

"All our futures depend on pollinators and flowers, but our greatest problem today is collective action. Change cannot happen without people. We thank CAKE for inspiring collective action with their flower inspired electric motorcycles that combine excitement with responsibility." Sabiha Rumani Malik, Founder and Executive President, The World Bee Project CIC

Human actions are destroying biodiversity and species in more significant numbers than ever before.

An average of 25% of animals and plants are under threat.
The IPBES Report authors say there are a few direct drivers of biodiversity loss, of which land use change is the primary one, followed by climate change and pollution. Over the years, forests have been cleared to feed, clothe, and provide energy to our rising populations.

What We Do

We harness the power of bee-derived intelligence and create data-driven solutions to improve the management capacity of underlying support systems. We adaptively design and co-implement solutions, focussing on the interconnections between bees and people in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our mission is to blend Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computing technology with world leading bee research to find solutions to biodiversity declines, climate change, food and nutrition insecurity, and threats to human wellbeing.


Our vision is grounded in advanced technology and informed by real world capabilities. We aim to generate key knowledge to enhance the contribution of pollinators to biodiversity, food security, climate mitigation and human wellbeing.

The World Bee Project’s greater vision is to place the natural world at the heart of public policy and enshrine environmental protection in national constitutions.