Welcome to the factory

Just south of Stockholm, quaintly tucked away not far from the lush woods of the Tyresta National Park, lies the Swedish CAKE assembly plant. Within its walls, under a roof covered with solar panels, a diverse and highly skilled team assembles all the CAKE bike modes – by hand and with the utmost attention to detail.

“Our initial research when starting CAKE led us to manufacturing our frames in Taichung, Taiwan. It is somewhat of an epicenter when it comes to quality, they are simply second-to-none when it comes to expertise and craftsmanship”

- explains Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. Initially, Taichung was also home to CAKE’s assembly line, shipping ready-made bikes to customers across the world.

From Taiwan to Sweden

With growing demand for our bikes and new models being developed rapidly, we saw multiple benefits of bringing the assembly process closer to our home in Sweden, just 20 mins from CAKE’s head office. With a factory around the corner, we can ensure the highest quality possible for every bike rolling out from the assembly line and increase overall transparency of every detail and process. Not least, gain learnings for future improvements of efficiency and sustainability.

In the fall of 2021, the first CAKE Kalk rolled off the newly inaugurated plant in Albyberg, south of Stockholm, Sweden. There, a dedicated team builds CAKE motorcycles for the European market in a brand new, 2,800 square-meter facility. Now, plans are already well underway to open a similar site in the US, aimed to serve the Americas.

The CAKE assembly team

The Swedish CAKE factory is the workplace for a diverse team of around 50% men and women with different backgrounds. We don’t hire by only looking at people’s previous experience, we hire people by judging their attitude and what they want to bring to the table, explains Ali Noke, Factory Manager at the CAKE plant in Albyberg.

“We train most of our staff from scratch, and within a few weeks they’re working away as if they’ve never done anything but build high quality motorcycles.”

- Ali Noke, Factory Manager CAKE

Saving shipping emissions

Today, frames and many other components are still manufactured in Taichung – but the assembly of all CAKE motorcycles sold in Europe is taken care of locally.

By bringing local assembly closer to the markets, we are able to reduce our transportation footprint. As each container can only fit about 25 assembled bikes compared of shipping components separately, which fits components to make the equivalent of more than 100 bikes in each container.

“Basically, we were shipping air and empty space across the sea, which from both an environmental and a business standpoint is negative.”

- Eddie Lager, Product Implementation Manager CAKE

We contintiously work to minimize the impact of our supply chain. To lessen the environmental impact further, CAKE has set out to move a significant amount of the actual production of parts closer to each market. By 2025, the goal is to have 25% of all components produced locally.