CAKE Connect

Unlock the full potential of your CAKE.

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CAKE Connect

Seamless interaction with your bike - whenever, wherever. CAKE connect allows you to reach the full potential of your CAKE.

Service reminders & checklists
Heads up display
Customize ride and brake modes
Lock & unlock
Anti-theft notification
Track your ride
See ride statistics
Perform bike diagnostics
Bike and battery status

Lock & unlock is a tap away

No key needed. Unlock your bike and have it ready to go as soon as you are.

Peace of mind

Get notified when your bike is moving.

Track your ride - present and past

Analyze and improve from your riding. Get all data from your rides, learn about your battery usage in different conditions, and find your optimal commuter route.

Customize to your needs

With different riding- and brake modes you are always in control of how your bike should behave. Find your perfect mix of torque, speed and regeneration by utilising the custom ride modes.

Connected Service

With always online vehicles comes always connected service. If a problem occurs Cake service can access diagnostics data from your bike in real time to resolve issues remotely, available in 190 countries across the globe. Over the Air updates give you access to the latest firmware.

Keep your bike in top condition

Get reminders and updates of simple self-service checks to keep track of upcoming maintenance.

Remote diagnostics

Run remote diagnostics at any time to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Fleet Management

For efficiency & uptime.

Stay in control

With CAKE Connect - Fleet Management you’re always in control of your vehicles. GPS tracking gives you an overview of your entire fleet's position in real time, battery status and diagnostics information gives you detailed insights of each vehicle.

Lock and unlock is conveniently available in the application. All vehicle data and controls can easily be integrated via the CAKE API to third party software, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is running its latest firmware, thanks to automatic “over the air” updates.

All the :work bikes are equipped with the CAKE Connect module enabling businesses to increase efficiency and ensure peace of mind fleet management. The system is continuously optimized and update to be the optimal tool to facilitate the job for fleet managers and couriers.

With system features that include bike diagnostiks, tunable and customized in-riding modes, geo-tracking, battery status, bike service updates over the air, and an API functionality to integrate the bikes to various businesses and fleet systems.