The perfect entry into the world of off-road motorcycle racing


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Top speed

40km/h / 25 mph*


+1 hour*


from 6 years

Rider weight

max 40kg / 88lbs


32kg / 71lbs

Peak power


fr. USD 146 / mon

Total 3 500 USD

When it's time to upgrade to a real throttle

CAKE Go is the ultimate transition into the world of throttled fun. The bike is developed to provide a steep learning curve, joy and instil further confidence. The power output is guardian controlled, enabling the rider to grow with the bike as their riding skills develop. CAKE go is a fully electric off-road motorcycle, with a top speed of 40km/h (25 mph), recommended for kids aged 6 years and older.

Explore the Go

Full speed ahead

A true electric off-road motorcycle

Light & Powerful

Weighing merely 32 kg, battery included, the CAKE Go features a guardian controlled power output, ranging between 600W and 1,5kW, delivering all the power your child can handle.


The CAKE Go offers maximum performance while keeping noise pollution at a minimum. Enjoy the outdoors in a respectful way.


Forget about nasty fumes, messy oil changes and expensive gasoline. Go electric and experience the snappy, no-nonsense future of two-wheeled riding.

The perfect machine for young riders

With balance and confidence at an all-time high, it is time to upgrade to a real throttle. The CAKE Go is the perfect first electric off-road motorcycle for riders aged 6 years and older.

Ride mode & braking mode

The CAKE Go features programmable top speed, power, throttle response and brake energy regeneration, allowing parents to both limit power output and, over time, unleash more potential as the young rider matures.

A smart regenerative braking mode feeds back power into the system for the best possible battery performance.


The Go is powered by a 48V LiNiCoMn 8,8Ah battery, with integrated BMS (Battery Management System) functionality for smarter power use. Use a standard wall outlet for convenient charging, and go from 0 to 100% charge in four hours.

The drivetrain is developed for excited young riders and happy parents, with a power output ranging from 600W to 1.5kW that is easily controlled by a guardian through a bespoke app.

Featuring hydraulic forks in the back and a DNM gas shock absorber in the front, the suspension system of the Go is specifically tuned for riders starting at 25kg and up to 40kg (88.2lbs). Sturdy aluminium wheels and Michelin Starcross tires for great off-road performance.

What’s included?

Everything you need to get going

  • CAKE Go

  • Battery

  • Charger

  • Free Torrot Kids App