Merry Christmas! Give the gift of CAKE. Guaranteed CAKE gift box under your tree if ordered by December 15th.

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black bikes twice the price

3 Black, custom Kalk ORs and Ösa+ available throughout the week. The extra revenue and total margin will be donated and shared between the following organizations:
· POW (Protect Our Winters)
· Unicef


Kalk OR - black friday edition

Price: 260 000 SEK 26 000 EUR 26 000 USD

Engineered for the ultimate freeride. Lightweight without fumes or noise, great range, and amazing torque. Introducing a new category of motorbikes, industry standard and new user matrix. Weighing in at only 69kg (152lbs), divided on 280Nm on the rear wheel creates a unique power to weight ratio that makes the most technical trails a cakewalk. Blasting the woods has never been more appreciated by riders and their surroundings.

"The Kalk OR is a super light bike with face-melting amounts of all-electric torque and the most premium parts."
- Digital trends

weight: 115 lbs + battery 37 lbs 52 kg + battery 17 kg
top speed: +56 mph +90 km/h
range: 3 hours trail/enduro riding*


Ösa+ - black friday edition

Price: 170 000 SEK 17 000 EUR 17 000 USD

Ösa+, the motorcycle, is an electric, high-performance utility machine. A work bench & power station on wheels. Attach everything you need on the unibeam with the clamp-on system. Power your tools and equipment with the battery outlets.

"The perky motor, wide handlebar and surprisingly strong brakes made it an urban warrior in traffic, and the smaller wheels give it a low seat height and quick maneuverability while underway."
- Forbes

weight: 159 lbs + battery 37 lbs 72 kg + battery 17 kg
top speed: +56 mph +90 km/h
range: 52 miles mixed city riding (WMTC-II) - battery large range: 84 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II) - battery large