level up your business
– with smart electric

CAKE’s cargo friendly, modular bikes bring
ultimate efficiency and productivity, allowing you
to reach your full business potential.


level up your business – with smart electric two-wheelers

CAKE’s cargo friendly, modular motorcycles and mopeds bring ultimate efficiency and productivity to all your business needs.

why electric bikes from CAKE?

Short-haul transports, food deliveries, factory floor transits, road maintenance and much more - CAKE’s two-wheelers are revolutionizing business logistics in a way that’s smooth, simple and clean. Regardless if you’re a first responder, carpenter, park ranger, photographer, real estate broker, delivery courier or service professional - there’s an electric solution for you.
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1 lowers your cost

Thanks to electric power sources requiring little to no maintenance, and with high-quality components allowing prolonged product life cycles, the CAKE bikes are a money saver for your business, both long- and short-term.

2 brings everything you need

Delivery parcels, food boxes, planks, boxes, ladders, pipes - you name it! With endless configuration possibilities like trailers, containers, bags and baskets, you can bring everything from a lunchbox to an electric power station on your ride.

3 saves you time

Forget traffic jams or parking hassles. With agile and lightweight motorbikes, you’re all set for quick and efficient transports within your city. Removable and swappable batteries allow 24/7 riding, no matter your destination.

4 powerful, long-range batteries

The electric motorbikes from CAKE are category-leading in terms of performance and durability, with strong battery sources to create towing truck-like hauling power.

5 crushes competition, in any weather

The worse weather, the more traffic - meaning you’ll be on top of competition any day of the week with your compact, quick two-wheeler, built to endure even the harshest of conditions.

6 join the post-petrol era

No fumes, no grease, no noise. CAKE bikes are silent, electric power machines designed to bring benefits for both people, planet and business.

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partner success stories

The future is heading in one direction: electric. But don’t take it from us, hear our partners explain the advantages of using electric bikes from CAKE.

use cases

From rental agencies to service professionals – the CAKE bikes are built to serve multiple business users.


last-mile delivery

Conveniently attach containers, baskets or racks to your bike, to experience a fast and efficient delivery solution. Move around town effortlessly while serving more customers than ever before.


service & support

Carpenter work, road maintenance, real estate management, plumbing - using smart utility solutions and trusted power bikes, CAKE gives you far more freedom to move around while staying professional within your field.



The most fun vehicles you will have in your rental fleet, period. Get happier customers that cherish clean, fun and easy-to-ride travel bikes at your engagement center.

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how long can I ride on one charge?

With the optimal settings and circumstances, you can ride over 3 hours in one go. Please bear in mind that different ride modes, speeds, outdoor temperatures and so on affect the range. See specifications under each bike for details.

how much weight can they carry?

CAKE bikes are built for resilience, to carry heavy loads. The Ösa for example, can carry weight from the range of at least +200kg. Reach out to us and we’ll give you an estimate for the other bikes!

do I need a helmet?

In most regions, using a helmet is required by law. For your safety, please always wear a helmet.

what driver’s licence do I need to ride your bikes?

For our mopeds (Ösa lite, Makka), a driver’s licence for cars is enough in most markets but in some cases you need a specific licence for moped as well. For the light motorcycles (ösa+ and the kalks) you often need a motorcycle licence but also here you can ride them with a driver’s licence in some regions.

where can I charge the batteries?

Anywhere you have a standard power outlet. The batteries are removable which makes it easy to charge in your house, at the workplace or wherever you are.

how long does it take to charge the bike?

0-80% takes approximately 2 hours
0-100% takes approximately 3 hours

can we be 2 persons on the bikes?

On the Makka and the Ösa yes, but for the Kalk no. However, please check your local regulations before having passengers on your bike.

how do they perform in bad weather?

The bikes are built to endure even the harshest of conditions, with quality components made of durable materials. And remember, bad weather usually means more traffic, meaning you will be even more efficient than your competition on your two-wheeled machine.

how fast do they go?

From top speeds of 25 km/h to just over 90 km/h, depending on the model you choose and your local regulations. See specifications under each bike for details.