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CAKE Worlds
Val Thorens

July 16th-17th “preliminary” 2022


Next race

CAKE Worlds
Val Thorens

July 16th-17th “preliminary” 2022


About CAKE Worlds

We’re bringing back motorcycle racing to the masses and fighting the decline in traditional ICE two-wheeled motorsport events. It’s all made possible by the CAKE Kalk OR Race, a celebration of massive, instant torque – yet silent, clean and incredibly light. These unique characteristics open up a brand new world racing series. No noise, zero pollution, minimal disturbance. Tight tracks, immediate electric torque. The CAKE Worlds Race is a one design, urban racing series that offers the maximum thrill per meter, on purpose built tracks designed specifically for the Kalk.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, or been riding, before.

The Kalk OR Race

CAKE Worlds is a One Design race where all riders compete using identical equipment - a custom edition of the Kalk OR Race.

Featuring 280Nm of electric instant torque and an extremely light, all-aluminium build - the Kalk OR Race offers a unique power to weight ratio, delivering superior nimbleness, elegance and blistering speed.

In short, the perfect ride to take on the tight, technical conditions of the CAKE Worlds 4X track.


“Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before”

In a world where fossil-fueled racing has been in a steady decline for years, CAKE Worlds is the electric antidote. With our global motorcycle racing series, we aim to showcase how our silent, clean motorcycles literally can bring racing closer to our communities, lowering the bar of entry and widening the appeal for both riders and fans. But don’t take our word for it, this is what the world has to say about it.

Upcoming events


July 16th-17th “preliminary” 2022

Val Thorens (FRA)


August 19th-20th “preliminary” 2022

Gotland, (SWE)

Previous events


April 30th - May 1st, 2021

Gotland (SWE)


April 30th - May 1st, 2022

Del Mar, CA (USA)

Podcast with Canada's Dannika White in the Big MXradio

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