Off-road Retailer *Not in Denver.

Launching the anti-poaching Kalk AP. Explore our virtual exhibition and the 2021 news below!

the anti-poaching Kalk

Watch the story behind Kalk AP. developed and modified between rangers and the CAKE product team, for anti-poaching purposes.

CAKE electronics show!

not in Vegas but virtually from Stockholm HQ, presenting the 2021 news. explore the videos and reveals below!

the CAKE connect app

always connected in sync and up to date

the Dometic box

the solution for quality food deliveries, powered and delivered with the Ösa bikes

Ösa 2021

watch the news and updates for Ösa, and the concept behind the world's most utilitarian bike

Ösa b2b

over 1000 possible utility combinations to boost any business. how? watch here

Ösa x Dometic explained

the future of premium food delivery

Ösa must knows

Ösa, the story behind the electric workbench and power station on wheels


explore the news and videos from earlier virtual exhibitions, CAKMA not In Milan motor show with the focus on Race

the utility Explore & Commute series

presented from Stockholm HQ

explore the Freeride
(and street legal) series

presented from Stockholm HQ

the Freeride series

presented from Stockholm HQ

the Race series

presented from Stockholm HQ

2021 ride videos

Kalk INK

Kalk race

Kalk OR

Kalk INK&

Ösa+ and Ösa lite