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the Kalk platform

the Kalk platform

the freeride,

Kalk OR, Kalk INK

Lightweight, nimble with great range and amazing torque.
No noise, no sound, explore with respect. Wildlife and fellow individuals that share the backcountry, opens up for more sustainable, respectful and active discovery. Aside from the above, being electric and digital, the pre-set riding modes suit anyone from the most experienced, to the inexperienced rider.

kalk ink

the street legals,

Kalk&, Kalk INK&

Engineered for the outback & street legal for the daily commute. Street legal registered as motorcycles in Europe and North America. Perfect for weekday commuting and weekend ripper.


the race series,

Kalk OR race, Kalk INK race

These are the two most recent members of the CAKE product line, engineered and designed for racing in kinship with the core aspects of the kalk platform.
It´s a power to weight ratio optimization pursuit, building a chassis, as light and lively as possible, around the electric drivetrain, in contrast to the normal procedure, merely swapping from combustion to electric, in a gasoline chassis (extremely heavy).
The Super lightweight, nimble, quiet, extremely torquey, great range, together with exploring and racing with respect, is the recipe behind the power-to-weight-ratio concept that will make you fly.