Customize your Makka with the new Prism windshields


Light, robust, powerful

The Makka is a smart electric moped with category-leading performance, a convenient configuration platform to transport all you need in your everyday mobile life.
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Makka Range

The +25 km/h +15,5 mph version
The Makka range is the long-range model, with top speeds reaching +25 km/h +15,5 mph - a dream tool for easy and convenient commuting.

- Top speed +25 km/h +15,5 mph
- 66 km range / 41 mi (mixed city riding)
- No driver’s licence (EU)
- Worldwide delivery

from 163 USD (24 months)

Makka Flex

The moped version
The Makka flex is the powerful version, with top speeds reaching +45 km/h +28 mph30 mph and a strong battery - a machine built to last.

- Top speed +45 km/h +28 mph30 mph
- 54 km range / 33.5 mi (mixed city riding)
- Standard driver’s licence (EU)
- Worldwide delivery

from 175 USD (24 months)

Makka Prism

What's your combo?

Mix and match your windshields. Comes in 8 colors and 64 color combinations, protecting you from water, wind and dust!

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A Makka to fit all your needs

The Makka is a versatile machine designed to be a convenient helper in all your everyday needs. Created with 7 standard configuration bundles plus 1 build-it-yourself version, you can customize your own or choose whichever configuration fits your lifestyle.

Makka configure your own

No matter if you’re a weekend explorer or weekday commuter, there’s a Makka for everyone. Build it yourself in our configurator and create your very own tailormade convenience machine.

Makka + rack

Hit the outback! Makka + rack comes with a convenient rack for surfboards, skis, surfboards and other items for your spontaneous weekend adventures.

Makka + rear large basket

Crush traffic, with zero pollution. Makka + rear large basket comes with a solid rear basket for easy transportation of your everyday needs.

Makka + side bags

Bring your camping gear or office supplies in durable bags from Thule. For easy exploring or convenient commuting.

Makka + passenger seat

Give rides to friends all over town with an extra detachable passenger seat. Equal performance, twice the fun.

Makka + universal bicycle adapter

With Makka + universal bicycle adapter, you ride with a convenient rear-wheel transportation plate to carry boxes, bike trailers, child seats and much more.

Makka + topbox

For a convenient and secure delivery solution. Bring your picnic or fragile belongings in this robust aluminium topbox.

Choose your Makka:

More range, more power

Explore Makka :work, a series optimized for professional use, developed with boosted motor power, double the battery capacity and more accessories to transport anything you need.