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Cake Kalk AP electric bikes enter service with anti-poaching effort

Anti-poaching patrols get Cake delivery to help protect African wilidlife

Cakes ljudlösa motorcykel på plats – ska stoppa tjuvjakten på Afrikas savanner

E-motorcycle maker Cake closes $60M round to scale production and retail sales

Swedish electric motorbike maker CAKE lands $60M funding round

AMF investerar i ”Motorcyklarnas Tesla” – tar in halv miljard

HICONSUMPTION: Cake’s Makka Is An Ultra-Utilitarian, Modular, Lightweight Electric Motorcycle

Techcrunch: Cake launches the Makka, a $3,500 electric moped for city riding

It’s Electric: These 9 Electric Motorcycles Are The Coolest Ways To Get Around This Fall

Men's journal: Is It an E-Bike? Is it a Motorcycle? It’s the Cake Makka—and It’s Freaking Awesome

Gear Junkie: Fresh CAKE: Makka Modular E-Scooter Carries Skis, Boards, and Bikes

ASPHALT & RUBBER: Cake Makka Debuts as a Cheap & Purposeful Electric Moped

World Economic Forum: An electric motorbike could help tackle big game poaching. Here’s how

Men's journal: Cake’s New Kalk AP Electric Motorcycle Supports Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa

designboom: the CAKE kalk AP is a solar powered anti-poaching electric motorbike

Forbes: Cake Kalk AP Is A Solar Powered Anti-Poaching Electric Off-Road Motorbike

Iron & Air: The CAKE Kalk

Gear Patrol: Cake Is the Swedish Solution for America’s Disappearing Motorcycle Market

Forbes: The Story Behind CAKE And The Electric Off-Road Kalk Motorbike

Gear Patrol: One of the Best Motorcycles of 2018

Outside: CAKE is Making Electric Motorcycles for the Masses

Silodrome: Almost A Two-Wheeled Tesla: The CAKE KALK Dual Sport Electric Bike

WIRED: Cake's Electric Motorcycle Makes Dirt Biking a Silent Joy

The best of Intermot and The Paris Motor Show

Cycle World: Cake Electric Motorcycle CEO Stefan Ytterborn — On The Record

Hypebeast: This Electric Dirt Bike Can Travel 50 Miles on a Single Charge

Popular Science: Swedish minimalism on two wheels

The Current: CAKE Making Waves

WIRED: 10 Outdoor Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2018

Adventure Journal: Cake Aims to Reinvent the Electric Dirt Bike

Outside: You're Going to Want the Cake Kalk E-Dirt Bike

Highsnobiety: The Electric Dirt Bike is the Tesla of Motorcycles

WIRED: 30 essential gadgets and gear to help you live the WIRED Life

The Drive: How to Revolutionize the Electric Dirt Bike

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A Guide to 50 Holiday Gifts: Functional vs. Fun?, 25.11.2019
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CAKE unveils new 63 mph electric motorcycle that is a workbench on wheels, 05.11.2019
CAKE Unveils Electric On-and-Off Road Capable Utility Motorcycle Ösa, 05.11.2019
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This Electric Two-Wheeler Could Become the Tesla Model 3 of the Bike Market, 05.11.2019
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The Electric Motorcycle Builders At CAKE Start Shipments Of Their First Street Legal Offering, 22.8.2019
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Cake Introduces First Street-legal, Electric Motorbike, 21.8.2019
A Look Into the Rise of the Electric Motorcycle, 20.8.2019
CAKE’s first street-legal electric motorcycle is now shipping, 20.8.2019
CAKE Begins Shipping 1st Street Legal Bike, 20.8.2019
Cake Kalk E-Moto Brand Launches First Street Legal Model, 20.8.2019
CAKE’s first street-legal electric motorcycle is now shipping, 20.8.2019
Test Ride: CAKE’s Street-Legal KALK&, 20.8.2019
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World’s First Exhibit of Electric Motorcycles Hosted by Petersen Museum, 26.3.2019
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Petersen Automotive Museum to Debut 1st Electric Motorcycle Exhibit, 25.3.2019
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CAKE’S First Street Legal Bike: KALK&, 31.1.2019
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Cake Announces Kalk& Street-Legal Electric Motorcycle, 31.1.2019
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Cake’s New Kalk& Street Legal Bike Will Sell In U.S. And Europe, 31.1.2019
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CAKE Kalk Nominated for 2018 Beazley Designs of the Year Award, 11.9.2018
CAKE Releases Track Concept, 7.9.2018
CAKE Launches Electric Off-Road Motorbikes Production Series, 27.6.2018
Cake Kalk Electric Off-Road Motorcycle Looks Deliciously Dirty and Ready to Order, 27.6.2018
CAKE Launches Electric Off-Road Motorbike Production Series, 27.6.2018
CAKE Is the Swedish Solution for America’s Disappearing Motorcycle Market, 27.6.2018
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Have Your CAKE & Ride It Too, 15.2.2018
Cake electric dirt bike leaves behind plenty of dust but no emissions, 06.2.2018
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Meet KALK: The Trick New Swedish E-Bike, 05.2.2018
Off-road Motorbiking Made Easy, 04.2.2018
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Electric off-road Kalk motorcycle excels where the paved road ends, 26.1.2018
This Electric Dirt Bike Can Travel 50 Miles on a Single Charge, 26.1.2018
KALK is the revolutionary electric off-road motorcycle you won’t hear coming, 26.1.2018
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POC’s founder launches electric motorcycle at OR/SIA show, 25.1.2018
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Cake Kalk electric motorcycle now homologated, 01.2.2019 (France)
Cake Kalk & – Electrical model for the road, 01.2.2019 (Greece)
Cake Kalk & – Electrical model for the road, 01.2.2019 (Greece)
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Swedish motorcycle company CAKE to roll out a new street legal electric bike, 31.1.2019 (Malaysia)
Cake Kalk & – a new electric motorcycle made by a Swedish producer, 31.1.2019 (Poland)
スウェーデン発の電動オフロードバイク「Kalk」、その走りは最高の冒険に満ちていた:試乗レヴュー, 12.1.2019 (Japan)
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