Makka flex

from: 3 800 USD

the ultimate convenience machine

The third platform from CAKE is a lightweight yet robust electric moped, designed to hit both city streets and outback adventures in the most quiet and efficient way, while doubling as a smart configuration platform for your everyday mobile needs.

The Makka flex is the powerful version, with top speeds reaching 45 km/h and a strong battery - a machine built to last.


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top speed: +45 km/h +28 mph30 mph *state regulations apply drivers license: AM or B (EU) Car, M1, M2 (USA)**
weight: 55 kg + 11 kg battery 121 lbs + 24 lbs battery power: 3.6 KW (4,8 hp)
range: 50 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)* 31 miles mixed city riding (WMTC-II)* street legal: Yes
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battery & riding modes

a compact, removable battery with 2 riding modes

with an integrated SoC indicator and a smart charging system, the battery for Makka can be easily charged in your home while you park your Makka outside. For ultimate convenience.

ride modes

Makka comes in two ride modes, one with extended range and one with balanced performance.

  1. Ride mode 1: The short-haul commuter mode. With a top speed of 25 km/h this is also the mode that enables the longest lasting battery life.
  2. Ride mode 2: True riding feel with balanced power, without putting too much strain on battery performance.

drivetrain & brakes

light, nimble, easy-going

The Makka is superiorly agile, a moped designed for both the urban jungle and your outback adventures. With a state-of-the-art hub motor and a universally trusted electronic braking system (EBS), the bike is as fun to ride as it is safe.

suspension, wheels & tires

rugged tires, smooth feel

The Makka comes with durable motorcycle tires with lightweight custom-designed rims, allowing all-weather explorations without compromising on the smooth riding experience.

The tires are made with a classic waffle tread pattern, for confidence to ride on all surfaces. The 50/50 street/dirt applications make it perfect to hit tight streets or narrow trails.

about Makka flex

As CAKE’s most nimble, lightweight and quiet bike to date, the Makka comes in a category of its own, serving both the dynamic needs of the adventurous soul and the active lifestyle of the convenient urbanista. The word ‘Makka’ translates to ‘small bug’ or ‘insect’ in the ancient language of Gutniska, a name which highlights the bike’s agile and light riding qualities.

More about the Makka flex

a short-haul transportation wonder
laptops, bags, surf boards, groceries – whatever you need. Makka is the ultimate short-haul delivery machine with endless configurations to fit your everyday mobile needs.

agile and lightweight
created with a sleek and compact design focusing on high power-to-weight ratio, the Makka comes with impressive torque, nimbleness and pure riding joy.

robust and durable
with a solid frame supporting a long-lasting battery system, the Makka is a force-of-nature designed for those long-range adventures or short-haul missions within your city.

premium feel, down to the very last screw
Makka’s custom-made premium components allow a prolonged vehicle life while staying category-leading in its all-round performance.

ride on and on and on
Built to last, with an all-electric approach, the Makka is continuing CAKE’s mission to inspire towards an emission-free society through longer and more sustainable product life cycles.

all the specs

battery & ride mode

ride modes

2 different ride modes with extended range or balanced performance.


Type: 10 A external charger from standard 110V/220V outlets
0-80%: 2 hours
0-100%: 3 hours

battery specs

Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Smart charging system. Integrated SoC indicator.

Cells: premium 18650 lithium cells
Voltage (nominal): 48V
Capacity: 31Ah / 1.5kWh

drivetrain & brakes

drivetrain specs

Type: Direct drive (hub motor)
Electric motor: Interior
permanent magnet motor
Power: 3.6 KWh
Torque (wheel): 60Nm

brake specs

Motorcycle brake system,
two pistons callipers.
Hand lever for both front brake
and rear brake.
Disc: Stainless steel, 220 mm

brake modes

EBS - Electronic Braking System to 
regenerate the braking power into the
battery and increase range.
High efficiency FOC controller.

suspension, wheels & tires

front suspension

Type: Single crown, RWU spring fork 
Travel 90mm

rear suspension

Type: spring shock with adjustable pre-load.
Travel 120mm

wheels and tires

Hubs: Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs
Rims: 14"x2.15" custom designed lightweight motorcycle rims
Tires: 14"x3.00" motorcycle tires

the body & more


Build: 6061 aluminum - extruded, forged, 
machined, welded and painted

fenders and bodywork

PC/ABS plastic


material: Aerospace grade 7050 aluminum
interface: 31,8 mm
width: 700 mm
rise: 117,5 mm


TFT display with battery SoC
speedometer, odometer, trip meter
ride mode selection, brake mode
selection and telltales.


Wheel base: 1210 mm
Seat height: 790 mm (can be
Ground clearance: 260 mm
Fork angle: 25°
Trail: 78,1 mm
Offset: 21,7 mm


Classification: L1e-b (EU / 
Motor-driven cycle (USA)*
License requirement: AM or B (EU)
/ Car, M1, M2 (USA)**
Max load: 245kg (bike + battery+
rider + passenger + carry-on items)