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The Ösa+ is an electric and modular utility motorcycle with off-road capabilities. A work bench & the power station on wheels.

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Dry: 72 kg 
Battery: Large 17 kg / Medium 15 kg
Max permittable load: 250 kg (bike + battery + rider + passenger + carry-on items)

speed & range

Top speed: +90 km/h / 56 mph
Mixed city riding (WMTC-II): 84 km (Battery Large) / 54 km (Battery Medium)*
High speed riding (70km/h): 36 km (Battery Large) / 21 km (Battery Medium)*
* The actual range depends on a number of different aspects, e.g. riding style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tire pressure.


Type: Direct drive, Gates belt drive
Electric motor: Interior permanent magnet motor
Power: 10 kW
Torque (motor axle): 42 Nm
Torque (wheel): 151 Nm
Front sprocket: 18 teeth, Gates mudport technology
Rear sprocket: 87 teeth, Gates mudport technology
Chain/belt: PolyChain GT Carbon 11m


Cells: Premium 21700 lithium cells
Voltage (nominal): 50.4 V
Capacity: 50 Ah / 2.6k Wh (Battery Large) / 30 Ah / 1.5 kWh (Battery Medium)
Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately
Integrated SoC indicator
Intelligent battery management system for increased safety and performance optimization
Integrated 5V outlet for phones, tablets and other small electronic devices
Integrated 12V outlet for computers, speakers and other medium duty electronic devices


Ride modes: 3 different ride modes for extended range, balanced performance or maximum power.
Brake modes: 2 different brake modes with energy regeneration
Features: Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


Features: TFT display with battery SoC, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, ride mode selecetion, brake mode selection and telltales. 


Type: External charger from standard 110v/220v outlets:
0-80%: 2 hours
0-100%: 3 hours


Wheel base: 1340mm
Seat height: 800mm
Ground clearance: 220mm


Build: 6061 aluminum, extruded, forged, machined, welded and painted.

front suspension

Type: Dual crown, upside-down spring fork.
Travel: 120mm

rear suspension

Type: 260mm shock with adjustable pre-load


Type: Motorcycle brake system, four piston calipers. Hand levers for both front- and rear brake. Combined brake system (EU only).
Disc: Stainless steel, 220 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness

wheels & tires

Hubs: Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs with 25 mm axle
Rims: 14x2.15" custom designed lightweight motorcycle rims
Tires: 14x4.00" dual sport motorcycle tires


Material:	Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium
Interface: 31.8 mm
Width: 780 mm
Rise: 80 mm

fenders & bodywork

Material: PC/ABS plastic


Classification: L3e-A1 (EU / Motorcycle (USA)**
License requirement: A1 (EU) / M1 (USA)**
*Note that all details are subject to changes.
** lights are subject to change based on local regulations around the world.
*** Refer to your state’s regulations for local definitions and classifications.


ösa+, the clean and efficient motorcycle with off-road capabilities.
The Ösa, apart from being a light, clean and quiet electric motorcycle, derives from the diversity of work and differentiated needs together with the urge to serve for new means of transportation, towards a zero emission future.

The working bench, around since ever, to serve people making things, is the inspiration to the uni-bar, clamp-on, off-the-grid system, constituting the ÖSA.

transportation and commuting
The obligation to change, to avoid an environmental melt down is shared by all and everyone.
It will drastically change how we are used to do and behave.
Transportation is one of the evident ones, where combustion vehicles are being replaced by electric, where gasoline and diesel are being banned and cars will be gone from the city streets.

the differentiated needs
The variety of work and need for transportation has never been greater. The needs in terms of what to bring and carry along is a palette, from the office worker to the craftsman.
The roads towards destination varies from highways to trails.

the solution
The electric and modular utility commuter with off-road capabilities and integrated power station.

off the grid independence
Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, its about a power station on wheels, taking you to wherever to execute, independently of the grid.

the carpenter or gardener can charge their power tools anywhere.
- The rock guitarist or dj may hold a concert or a forest rave, bringing their gear in the middle of nowhere.
- Last mile or the pizza delivery may execute clean last mile deliveries in cities around the world.

“Going The Design Distance: CAKE’s Odd But Lovable Ösa+ Electric Motorcycle Thinks Different”


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