Dometic Delibox

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The heating box from Dometic, powered by the Ösa battery, points towards the future of food delivery.

Full Price: 13750 SEK Deposit: 2000 SEK

  • Active warming ensures the correct temperature of all food transported
  • Dual temperature zones. Transport hot and ambient dishes at the same time
  • The DeliBox is equipped with cold plasma surface disinfection technology that reduce bacteria build-up and smell
  • Food graded interior guarantees that the inner compartment is approved and safe for food use
  • Outer dimensions: W500 x H560 x D611,5 mm
  • Inner dimensions: 422,4 x 482,5 x 425 mm
  • Volume: 86,63 l
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Available from January 2022

Make sure to preorder your Dometic DeliBox to ensure instant delivery in January.

this kit includes

1 Dometic DeliBox
1 Custom mount for attaching the box
1 CAKE power cable to connect the box into the Ösa Battery

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

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*The product photo might not reflect the actual product