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If private tours aren’t exactly up your alley, we are also constantly hosting free test ride events in countries all over the world.
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Depending on which electric motorbike you would like to test you will need the following licenses:
Kalk&, Kalk INK&, Ösa+: License A1 OR equivalent (EU) / M1 (USA)
Ösa lite: License AM or B (EU) / car, M1, M2 (US)

experience the silent magic

the story behind the builds

All bikes are engineered from scratch, meaning no off-the-shelf parts. A new category of motorbikes, designed and engineered to be electric, requires component engineered for it.
The new components, materials, and builds are in a new industry standard to optimize the performance with an electric drivetrain.

the components

Neither MTB nor traditional motorbike components are being a part of the construction. The light, powerful, and robust builds designed to maximize performance for an electric motorcycle. A unique power to weight formula, great range combined with adjustable performance mapping, and heavy instant torque sets the framework for uncompromising off and on-road motorcycles. Make sure to ride one soon!

"Super light, super torque, insane. Must be worlds fastest bike on narrow trails"

Robert Kvarnström 2x Swedish enduro champion, world championship contender

"Like flying down an endless DH course with no need for a hill"

Robin Wallner Ibis cycles Enduro race team

“Like skiing powder, at high speed on the flat”

Steven Nyman US Ski Team/American Downhiller

“It´s a beauty to ride. It's silent power, torque and swift handling is a sensation”

Olle Ohlsson 2 times Paris-Dakar, 2 times Dakar and 57 times desert race contender

“The Kalk OR is a super light bike with face-melting amounts of all-electric torque and the most premium parts.”

Digital trends

“Cake's Electric Motorcycle Makes Dirt Biking a Silent Joy”


“The Kalk’s visual elegance and simplicity is complemented by an equally straightforward riding experience. Predictable, intuitive, and enjoyable, this bike is unintimidating and loads of fun.”

Outside magazine

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