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Our demo fleet is always on the road.

Take the chance and ride our light, clean and quiet electric performance bikes next time we visit your city.

Everyone can ride - regardless of previous experience!

All Race, Freeride and Commuting bikes are available for demo. Our bikes are all high-quality, sustainable performance products and
thanks to the progressive span of an electric motor, no gears are needed. Throttling and braking is all there is to it.
The pre-set riding modes suit anyone from an off-road World Champion, to the inexperienced rider.

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What is CAKE?

CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles.Born out of a passion for gravity sports, we are on a mission to develop high-quality, sustainable performance products. CAKE realizes that the development of electric drivetrains will bring positive change to the future of motorbikes and that our customers appreciate this too.


CAKE electric motorbikes are light, clean and quiet. The bikes offer an easy to ride, agile, torquey and exciting experience. Our mission is to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. To simplify maintenance the bikes are built in a modular way like LEGO, with the ambition of reducing the number of moving parts and minimize complexity.

"Super light, super torque, insane. Must be worlds fastest bike on narrow trails"

Robert Kvarnström 2x Swedish enduro champion, world championship contender

"Like flying down an endless DH course with no need for a hill"

Robin Wallner Ibis cycles Enduro race team

“Like skiing powder, at high speed on the flat”

Steven Nyman US Ski Team/American Downhiller

“It´s a beauty to ride. It's silent power, torque and swift handling is a sensation”

Olle Ohlsson 2 times Paris-Dakar, 2 times Dakar and 57 times desert race contender

“The Kalk OR is a super light bike with face-melting amounts of all-electric torque and the most premium parts.”

Digital trends

“Cake's Electric Motorcycle Makes Dirt Biking a Silent Joy”


“The Kalk’s visual elegance and simplicity is complemented by an equally straightforward riding experience. Predictable, intuitive, and enjoyable, this bike is unintimidating and loads of fun.”

Outside magazine


Kalk OR race

130 000 SEK or from 1867 SEK/ month


Kalk OR

130 000 SEK or from 1806 SEK/ month


Kalk OR

140 000 SEK or from 1944 SEK/ month


Ösa +

95 000 SEK or from 1391 SEK/ month


Kalk INK race

105 000 SEK or from 1458 SEK/ month


Kalk INK

95 000 SEK or from 1319 SEK/ month


Kalk INK

105 000SEK or from 1458 SEK/ month


Ösa lite

75 000 SEK or from 1042 SEK/ month

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