prof. dr. Uwe Hager

Get to know prof. dr. Uwe Hager – electrical engineer

How did you get in contact with CAKE?

The people in the enduro scene know me with inventions and development in electrical off-road bikes. One of them got aware of CAKE and shared the information with me. So that is how the ball starts rolling.

What are the biggest challenges as an electrical engineer at CAKE?

There are different approaches of electrical bikes on the market. DIY, prototypes, concepts and conversion kits. Some of them are serious build for mass production. If you look closer there are only a few that are really made from scratch as an electrical bike. Most of them are converted from an existing conventional bike. Of the shelf electrical engine that is used in bikes are just too weak in performance, to heavy or have issues in temperature stability. The challenge is to get the thrill of a modern 2 stroke engine out of an electrical drive train without worrying. Weight / Power / Runtime ratios without compromise together with a technical setup that should never stress the rider, the entire system must behave intuitive.

You are an enthusiastic enduro rider, will CAKE fulfill your requirements in the forest?

What a question, I would not join the Team if I am not sure that we will fulfill the ultimate fun in the forest. Unlimited Power, silent, zero pollution and the best frame/suspension for the off-road challenge.

What’s your predictions on the zero emission society we are heading towards?

I am a little conservative if it comes particularly to this question. We have to raise the question “where does the electrical power come from” first. Yes as an off-road enthusiast and an animal lover and a lover for peace and quiet places in nature, nothing can substitute an electrical drive train. But we have to face the grid problem as well. The normal grid architecture isn’t able to support home charging if everybody drives electrical vehicle. Just jump from petrol to electricity is not a solution, it just a centralization of power production. The production of electricity is today not zero emission. Here is where i bring my knowledge and experience into the CAKE products. The bikes will have an alternative charging possibility, off grid. Decentralized charging from renewable energy close the circle and could lead closer to zero emissions.