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The new street legal Kalk& is the latest evolution in the Kalk family. Engineered for the outback & allowed for your daily commute, Kalk& (and) is now in full production and delivering.

First come first serve. The bike is street legal in EU and North America.

Deposit 200 EUR/USD + Final payment 13 800 EUR/USD = Total price 14 000 EUR/USD. Deposit 2000 SEK + Final payment 148 000 SEK = Total price 150 000 SEK.
Check Terms & conditions for your local pricing.
Free shipping worldwide.

  • Weight: Dry 62kg + battery 17kg
  • Top speed: +90km/h / +56mph
  • Torque: 42Nm on shaft / 252Nm on wheel
  • Range: +86km
  • Power: 21kW controller, 10kW motor
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery 2.6 kWh
  • Dashboard & Controller: Configured for 3 riding modes
  • License requirement: A1

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Deposit 200 EUR/USD charged now, final payment 13 800 EUR/USD charged before shipment.

Order now

Deposit 2000 SEK charged now, final payment 148 000 SEK charged before shipment.

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Kalk Street


kr 150 000

Engineered for the outback & allowed for your daily commute.

Be the first to ride the street legal CAKE Kalk&. Due to high demand we invite a small group of individuals, to pre order the bike to become one among the first, to combine sustainable backcountry excitement with a super efficient commuter vessel.

The street legal CAKE Kalk& (and) will be shown and launched at tradeshows in Europe and USA in January, with deliveries starting summer 2019.

To be among the first 50 with prioritized delivery from June 2019; pre order your bike now.

Price 14.000 EUR/USD, delivered to your door. Pre order fee is 200 EUR/USD. The final payment will be paid when your bike is ready to be shipped. First come, first serve. The first Kalk&s will be delivered from June 2019 and onwards. The Kalk& is registered as a A1, the lightest motorcycle category.

We kindly ask you to keep the images and the information to yourself, until the launch on the 30th of January.

Happy riding!
/Team CAKE

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“Super light, super torque. Unreal!”
Robert Kvarnström 2x Swedish enduro champion

“Like flying down an endless DH course with no need for a hill”
Robin Wallner Ibis cycles Enduro race team

“Like skiing powder, at high speed on the flat”
Steven Nyman US Ski Team/American Downhiller


The Kalk& (and), the street legal sibling of its off-road precursor, the Kalk OR, may look similar on the outside, but does have a few developments on the inside. Just like CAKE’s first bike, the Kalk& (and) is also strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in both the feel and handling, and its design takes into account the two sports’ geometry, suspension and components. However, its gearing differs slightly and top speeds have been enhanced, beyond 90 km/h, in accordance with highway pacing.

Each component of the Kalk& (and) had to be developed from scratch to support the category, since mountain bike parts are too weak and motorbike parts are too heavy. Every part of the Kalk& (and), including rolling chassis – frame, cockpit, wheels and tires – components, suspension and drive train, was engineered, designed and manufactured for optimal performance.

As with CAKE’s premier product, the name Kalk is derived directly from kalksten, the limestone bedrock of the Swedish island of Gotland, where CAKE’s test grounds are located. The addition of the & (and) signifies the next phase in the evolution of the Kalk. Engineered for both the outback & allowed for your daily commute, the Kalk& (and) offers customers the best of both worlds.



Power: 10kW motor
Torque: 42Nm on shaft / 252Nm on wheel
Front sprocket: 12 teeth, rubber infused
Rear sprocket: 72 teeth
Chain: 420 O-ring


18650 lithium ion cells
51.8 Volt
50 Ah
2.6 kWh

Controller & Display

3 riding modes:

  1. Explore: The ultimate mode during exploration. Limited speed to 45 km/h and 3-4h+ battery range
  2. Excite: Enduro or active trail riding. 1-2 h riding time
  3. Excel: Track and race mode, maximal torque and speed, riding time up to 1h

3 brake modes:
1) Free wheel
2) 2-stroke like
3) 4-stroke like, maximum regeneration of electricity to battery


Speedometer, trip meter and odometer
Battery status and power usage


0-100% takes 2,5 h to charge in a standard outlet


6061 aluminium, extruded, forged, machined and painted

Suspension – Forks

The upside down fork is air/oil sprung and features 38mm stanchion tubes for extra rigidity and strength, with 204mm travel, specially developed by Öhlins. Adjustable for high-speed compression, low-speed compression and low-speed rebound. The forks are equipped with Öhlins advanced 3 stage air springs with individual setup for ride heights and bottoming resistance.

Rear suspension

205 mm. Öhlins TTX22 with CAKE internals and specific spring. Designed with linkage for best performance.

Head angle / Fork angle

65 degrees

Wheel base

1 310 mm

Seat height

910 mm (unloaded)

Ground Clearance

300 mm

Trail and offset

87,4 mm of trail
22 mm offset in triple clamps
36 mm offset in forks


Motorcycle standard, four pistons calipers and 220 mm/3.2 mm stainless steel discs
Hand lever front, foot pedal rear


LED headlight, LED turn signal lights and LED taillight. Easily removable light system for off-road riding.


Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium, 800 mm wide, 20 mm rise, 31.8 mm


Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium


SKF Stainless steel conical bearings

Wheels and tires

Enlarged 25 mm front axle
Aluminium 6061 forged and CNC machined hubs
19×1.85” 7116-T6 aluminium motorcycle rims
19×3.00” dual sport motorcycle tires

Fenders and bodywork

All fenders and bodywork are made of painted polycarbonate


All bearings throughout the bike are SKF’s

Class (valid for EU)


*Note that all details are subject to changes