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Adventure in the making. Thanks for the picture @ryanwach

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Eager to swing a leg over? At many places, slowly but surely, test ride opportunities going back to normal.
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Doesn’t smell gasoline and ready for a short notice demo opportunity in Portland, at @seeseemotorcycles @seeseemotorcoffee - Time: 8am-2pm
- Date(s): 27/06 and 28/06 8am-2pm
- Duration: 10 - 15 min.
- Location: SEE SEE MOTOR COFFE CO. - Address: 1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232
- Contact information: Kevin Burns - Kevin@ridecake.com - Cell Phone (425) 281-0886 **MUST BRING YOUR OWN HELMET - MUST SCHEDULE THROUGH CALENDLY LINK: https://calendly.com/kevin-797/cake-demo (link in stories)
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Sneak peek on upcoming exciting news. Stay posted!

Maybe familiar. Picture from the previous race with @robertkvarnstrom
Race summery in the comment section.
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Moab looks amazing. Thanks for the picture @ryanwach

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Switzerland, ride with us!🇨🇭 Kalk& Test Ride, #Morgins:
When: Friday, June 12.
Time: 12:00 - 18:00
Where: Snow Line Sports Sàrl Route du Village,
Route de France 22 1875 Morgins

Kalk& Test ride, #Geneva:
When: Saturday, June 13.
Time:10:00 - 16:00
Where: Meister Engineering Sàrl 24
Route de compois 1252 Meinier - helmets available to lend, bring your own if possible.
Kalk&, A1 license bring your drivers license.

Questions and contact: gary@ridecake.com

Not In Switzerland? Sign up for test rides at ridecake.com (link in bio)
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Ösa Lite now delivering worldwide and the new Kalk INK SL deliveries are just around the corner. Street legal in Europe and North America.
Riding reviews for all platforms collected at the link in bio. Read it!
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We’re stoked for the nearly 2,5 years as a manufacturer of high performance, lightweight, electric motorbikes, establishing a new category, designed and engineered to maximize the performance and characteristics around the electric drivetrain. Thanks for all support along the way, stay posted, we’re excited for the summer/fall!
Visit the website:
-Explore the 6 models in production
-The story behind the new category
-The CAKE components
-CAKE Retail locations
-Mission, vision & sustainability
-Become a CAKE partner
-Read riding reviews (Ösa+Kalk)
-Register for test rides
-Collaboration partners
-Achievements and recognition
Follow the LINK IN BIO to explore the website. 📷 @peter_fredriksson
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The fact that it’s quiet boosts the riding experience and serves for absolute presence and focus while out exploring. It also creates many new areas rideable and enhances, the level of respect towards our surroundings and those sharing the space with us – whether they’re fellow hikers, wildlife or even your neighbours when riding around your backyard track. Get your bike and learn more about CAKE and the bikes - Click the link in our BIO.

Beautiful customer photo, thanks Corey!
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