Cake 0 Emission AB, corporate registration number 559014-2682, a corporation duly organized and validly existing under the laws of Sweden, hereinafter referred to as CAKE, is a manufacturer and developer of electric motorbikes, components and associated gear.

Terms & Conditions Pre Order


CAKE will officially start ship pre ordered bikes from February 2019 and forward. The price of the Kalk bike is 13 000 (thirteen thousand) USD or Euro depending on where bikes are delivered.

Please note that the CAKEbike is developed for off road use only.


Price shall be paid in Euros (EUR ) or US Dollars (USD) depending on what country the CAKE bike is being delivered/purchased to/from. Delivery of the CAKE bike is free world wide to the address you specify in your final payment.

Delivery/purchase to a EU country shall be paidin Euros (EUR) and includes VAT.

Delivery/purchase to U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland shall be paid in USD. The price in USD is excluding local taxes, customs or other related costs.

Delivery/purchase to all other countries but the above mentioned shall be paid in Euros (EUR). For all these other countries the price is excluding local taxes, customs or other related costs.

Please note that:

Potential Taxes and other fees may vary on where the CAKE bike is being delivered.


You, hereinafter referred to as the buyer. You have to pay a Pre Order Payment and, before delivery, a Final Payment.


A Pre Order Payment consists of a payment of 200 USD/EUR. The bike will not be sent before a full payment from you has been received by CAKE.

Full Payment consists of the Pre Order Payment consisting of 200 (Two Hundred) USD/EUR and the Final Payment consisting of 12 800 (Twelve Thousand Eight Hundred) USD/EUR.

Full Payment of a CAKE bike is therefore (200 + 12 800) 13 000 (Thirteen Thousand) USD/EUR.

CAKE will personally contact you when Final Payment shall be paid and the CAKE bike is ready for delivery.

CAKE will contact buyers in the order that they have paid their Pre Order Payment.

If Final Payment has been received at the same time as another buyer has paid his or hers Final Payment, the buyer that paid his or hers Pre Order Payment first is considered first of the two.

Full Payment, in the same currency as paid, is being returned to the buyer if buyers have paid Full Payment before the buyer has. No interest will be paid.


CAKE may decline Pre Order Payment to avoid oversubscription. If your Pre Order Payment is declined, you will be notified and your Pre Order Payment will be refunded, in the same currency as paid.

Transfer of Pre Order

The Pre Order right can be transferred to another person than the buyer if a written message from the buyer is delivered to CAKE. CAKE needs to accept this in writing and full information of the new buyer has to be given to CAKE.

Refund of Pre order Payment

The Pre Order Payment is, unless told otherwise in these terms and conditions, non refundable. The Pre Order Payment is being used to finalize and assemble your CAKE bike.

Cancellation period

You as a buyer has the right to cancel the Pre Order Payment and be refunded in the same currency as paid if you cancel the Pre Order Payment by contacting within 14 (fourteen) days after the date of payment of the Pre Order Payment.


When paying the Pre Order Payment for the CAKE bike, you will be required to provide certain information, such as your address and billing information. It is your responsibility that all such information is accurate, and you shall ensure that such information is kept current. CAKE shall have no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information that later becomes outdated, and shall have no obligation to make efforts to determine the correct contact or shipping information. You can update your information at any time prior to your product being shipped by sending an e-mail to

Taxes and various costs

You are aware that, depending on where the CAKE bike is being delivered, additional costs referring to shipping, import and taxes such as VAT (Value Added Tax), local taxes, custom taxes etc. may occur when shipping and importing your CAKE bike. It is your responsibility as a buyer to pay these taxes and other costs accordingly to local, state, and national law as well as regulations. If any problems arise or if you have any further questions please contact us at


The CAKE bike will in countries belonging to the EU be delivered DDP, Delivered Duty Paid, accordingly to Incoterms 2010 to the address of the buyer. Orders to other countries than those mentioned above will be shipped DAP, Delivered At Place, accordingly to Incoterms 2010. This means that we do not collect VAT, duties and/or taxes on orders and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If you do get such additional charges they must be paid in order for your package to clear customs. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

If buyer for unknown reasons wishes to return the CAKE bike he or she will have to pay for return delivery to Cake. Please note that these delivery terms are only valid for those invited to the pre order campaign three months earlier than the public pre order campaign. If any problems arise or if you have any further questions please contact us at

Delivery Schedule

Although CAKE will make efforts to begin delivering your CAKE bike as soon as reasonably practicable, you understand and agree that there may be delays. An estimated time of delivery (ETD) is only an estimate, is subject to change, and CAKE does not guarantee that it will be able to ship the CAKE bike by the estimated date. As a result, in the event that a delay arises and the estimated shipment and/or release of the CAKE bike is not met, CAKE is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the delay, nor shall it be obligated, to provide any discounts, refunds or credits due to any such delays. CAKE will provide you periodical updates with information regarding the delivery schedule.


CAKE warrants that the products sold by CAKE are free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship when delivered to the buyer.
The warranty on each component on the bike is limited to 12 months from the date of delivery and is limited to the original buyer. Example: if a drive train part for some reason would malfunction, that whole part will be replaced.

The warranty does not cover against damages caused by normal wear and tear.

The warranty does not apply in the event of abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than intended, replacement with any part or accessory other than original CAKE parts and products, attempt of reparation or modification unless expressly permitted in writing by CAKE.

CAKE waives all responsibility for any third party for consequences that might result from the use or handling of any CAKE product by any legal or natural person


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Questions regarding your order:


You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old and eligible to enter into a legal contract with CAKE.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by Swedish law. Any dispute arising in connection with these Terms & Conditions shall be settled by the public courts where the Stockholm District Court will be the first instance.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

Our bikes can be hazardous to operate and we care about your safety, so please note that;
✓ All riders should ride well within the limits of their abilities, never beyond them.
✓ Our bikes are recommended for those aged 18 years and older.
✓ We recommend that all riders take a relevant dirt bike training course.
✓ Our bikes are for off road use and always avoid paved surfaces.
✓ Make sure that you ride on a permitted area and/or with the land owners consent.
✓ Never ride on public roads.
✓ Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, including an approved back protector.
✓ Never carry passengers.
✓ Never engage in stunt riding.
✓ Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. It is illegal and dangerous.
✓ Avoid excessive speed and be particularly careful on difficult terrain.
✓ All performance modifications and installations are at your own risk.
✓ Never change the voltage level or tamper with the battery. Doing so can result in a short circuit, fire and/or personal injuries.
✓ By purchasing and/or riding our bikes, you take full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees that Cake 0 Emission AB holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.
✓ Finally, read the owner’s manual carefully, follow all instructions therein and enjoy your