Christenson surfboards x CAKE x Protect Our Winters

Christenson surfboards x CAKE x Protect Our Winters

$1 100$1 200

Christenson surfboards and CAKE join forces. The limited edition Christenson boards are shaped and designed by Chris Christenson, for CAKE. The collaboration is supporting Protect Our Winters (POW). All revenues are donated POW, to support POW’s work, fighting climate change.


Fish: USD/EUR 1100
Long Fish: USD/EUR 1200


USA & Canada: 100 USD
Rest of the world: 200 USD/EUR
Local fees and taxes may be applied depending on your country.

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Christenson surfboards x CAKE x Protect Our Winters

More about the collaboration:

CAKE and Christenson Surfboards are derived from a passion for gravity sports, developing high-quality performance products, while saluting respect and sustainability. The half Swedish, half Norwegian trailblazer and iconic shaper has been riding motorcycles most of his life. In fact, Christenson’s grandfather grew up on Gotland, the Swedish island where CAKE’s test track lives. Those connections and more immediately drew Christenson to CAKE. While he established his brand as one of the best surf brands in the world, CAKE develops a new category of Light Electric Off-Road Motorbikes (L.E.Os.), optimizing the specifics of an Electric Drive train within an off-road chassis.

Fish, 5'45'420 3/4"2 3/8"6'2A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Fish, 5'55'520 3/4"2 3/8"6'2A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Fish, 5'65'621"2 7/16"6'2A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Fish, 5'75'721"2 7/16"6'5A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Fish, 5'85'821 1/4"2 1/2"6'5A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Fish, 5'95'921 1/4"2 1/2"6'5A(F)1/8 Bass$/€ 1100
Long Fish, 6'66'621 1/2"2 5/8"7'3A(LF)1/8 Bass$/€ 1200
Long Fish, 6'86'821 3/4"2 3/4"7'3A(LF)1/8 Bass$/€ 1200
Long Fish, 6'106'1021 3/4"2 3/4"7'3A(LF)1/8 Bass$/€ 1200
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Fish, 5'4, Fish, 5'5, Fish, 5'6, Fish, 5'7, Fish, 5'8, Fish, 5’9, Long Fish, 6'6, Long Fish, 6'8, Long Fish, 6'10