Saving time, money and emissions

The video and calculations below shows the savings of time, money and emissions when using an Ösa compared to the train and car during rush hour in Stockholm.

12 km commute*


Time: 26.10 min
Cost: €0.1
Emissions: 0.048 kg CO2


Time: 44.18 min
Cost: €8.2
Emissions: 2.7 kg CO2

Train (electric)

Time: 47.05min
Cost: €3.8
Emissions: 0.05kg CO2

6 months commute (2880 km)


Time: 6264 min
Cost: €24
Emissions: 11.52 kg CO2


Time: 10603 min
Cost: €1968
Emissions: 648 kg CO2

Train (electric):

Time: 11292 min
Cost: €912
Emissions: 12 kg CO2

Ösa vs. car (6 months commute)

Time savings: +72 hours
Cost savings: €1944 in fuel, tolls, etc
Emissions savings: +648 kg CO2

Ösa vs. electric train (6 months commute)

Time savings: 5028 min
Cost savings: €888 in tickets
Emissions savings: 0.48kg CO2

The Ösa savings are calculated conservatively. This example is based on a 24 km commute, 5 days a week. Recorded during rush hour in Stockholm.

6 months is: 2 ways a day, 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month, 6 months a year.

10 SEK = €1
One way = 12 km
Diesel cost = 15,50 SEK/liter (car)
Car (diesel) = CO2 221 g/km source
Car fuel consumption measured = 1 liter/10 km
Car tolls = 45 SEK/trip
Train (electric) = CO2 X per passenger source
Train ticket one way, Stockholms lokaltrafik = 38 SEK/trip
Ösa = 0,08 kWh used per 1 km
CO2 for 1 KWh = 50 g CO2 source

*The shortest route on Google Maps was 12 km, but during the test we used the fastest route according to Google Maps, which resulted in a slightly longer trip for both car and Ösa.