A CAKE track in the middle of Stockholm!

The unbelievable happens, in the light of that more than 70% of all motor tracks have had to shut down in the past 10 years, due to disturbance, SkiStar Hammarbybacken and CAKE join forces and open the first commercial track in the middle of the city.

From May through summer, SkiStar Hammarbybacken will operate the track and rent electric off-road CAKE motorbikes.
The track, located on top of the urban ski hill, is surprisingly compact thanks to the feathery lightweight CAKE Kalk bikes and their acceleration speeds.

The absent need for long acceleration and braking stretches support the minimalistic format and excitement.

The track is designed by World Elite MTB Enduro and avid MX athlete Robin Wallner. Robin designed and built the first CAKE test track in Gotland two years ago and this second generation is based on those learnings in terms of jumps, curves and configuration, using the same limestone gravel, from Gotland and NordKalk, as on the first track.

”Serving the market with clean, easy to ride, non disturbing and exciting activities, is something that ski resorts around the world are looking for.
We are happy to partner with Skistar Hammarbybacken on this first initiative.
Several other initiatives are being planned for, both in North America as well as in Europe. Furthermore, initiatives like this physically proves and promotes the CAKE mission of inspiring people for a fast transition towards zero emission”. says: Stefan Ytterborn CEO & Founder.

”This means we can offer even more activities in Hammarbybacken, besides mountain biking, canoeing, running and outdoor gym. The fact that it is electric fits very well in to the surrounding with nature and the city, close on each other. We look forward to an exciting summer", says John Midelf, Mgr SkiStar Hammarbybacken.