CAKE to Introduce All-Electric Off Road Motorbike at Outdoor Retailer 2018

The company’s first light, quiet and clean electric motorbike to be revealed bit-by-bit leading up to the show

STOCKHOLM – January 9th, 2018 – CAKE, leading manufacturers of light electric off road performance motorbikes, will unveil its first product during this year’s Outdoor Retailer on January 25th. KALK is an all-electric performance off-road endurolike bike designed for exploration and discovery. Following its debut in Denver, KALK will head to Munich on January 28th for a next show at ISPO. In the weeks leading up to the debut, the company will host an “advent calendar” via social media, revealing the bike part by part.

“Our ultimate drive is to contribute to the aspiration for/and change to all-electric vehicles, and we think it’ll happen inside a decade,” electric performance and outdoor, with the ambition of speeding up the transition towards a combustion free society,” said Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE CEO & Founder. “Think of it: a future dismantled combustion society, in which sound pollution, water contamination, and air purity, in that same context, are worries of the past. Our mission is to develop products that pay respect to others and the ecosystem, while supporting fun and excitement”

With every part developed from scratch, the bike itself establishes a new category, enhancing discovery and exploration while respecting people and planet. Designed with accessibility in mind, CAKE simplified traditional features for off-road bikes, by eliminating gears and clutching and replacing with a selection of riding modes. Additionally, its light weight, cleanliness and silent drivetrain, together with uncompromizing performance, put KALK in a class of its own.

The name KALK comes from the Swedish word for limestone, the bedrock of Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. Gotland’s bedrock was largely made up of coral reefs, created in the tropical sea four hundred million years ago. Continental drift, took Gotland on a ride from the tropical waters, made a few turns and placed it in the Baltic, where the rest of the surroundings are mostly granite.

That white limestone gives Gotland (CAKEs test grounds) a special light and flight, which is unique. And that same white limestone is what we use and will be using for CAKE tracks. It´s perfect for building jumps, curves, banks and rollers. Add a little water and it becomes beautifully solid.

KALK it is.