Central stand kit

245 EUR

SKU SP00343

Central stand kit for Ösa.

If you replace a side stand with a central stand or if you have an Ösa with VIN-number under YW2C2M105LT000147 you also need a central stand bracket, find it here.

This kit includes:
1 central stand
1 axle
2 rubber bumper
1 pc castle nut DIN 935 A4 M10
1 pc DIN 94 SP A4 2x25
1 pc DIN 125 RB A4 10.5x2
1 spring Dt=2, De=18, L0=70
1 spring Dt=3.2 De=22 L0=79.4
1 spring Dt=1.6 De=11 L0=78.1

Please note: Find your VIN number in your CAKE connect app or use our guide to find it on your bike. Our service center are here to help if you have any questions, find them here.

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

This part fits

Ösa flex
Ösa flex :work
Ösa flex AP
Ösa range :work
Ösa+ :work
Ösa+ AP