CAKE’s mission is to speed up the transition towards a zero emission society, by combining excitement with responsibility. Sustainability is our reason to exist and simply inseparable from our business. And it is a team effort, every bike rolling the street, nature or savanna charged with renewable energy is creating impact, enabled by all employees, suppliers and users of CAKE.

However, zero-emissions while driving (any electric vehicle) will not save our home planet, it is also about the product itself, its materials, production processes, logistics, and not least its end of life. To put it simple, we need to use less resources, use them longer and keep them circulating, why CAKE’s top sustainable priority is to extend the product life of our bikes.

Not least, sustainability at CAKE also means to live in coexistence with nature and the people around us and to create smarter, greener, healthier and more peaceful surroundings for all. Therefore CAKE builds products for anyone to explore nature and cities with respect, regardless of age, gender, size or style.

Our sustainability efforts

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