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BOZ ART is a floral design studio and flower shop located in Stockholm, founded by the talented floral designer and botanical artist Mirja Bozarth Fornell. With a passion for exploring the intersection between nature and human, Mirja creates visually and emotionally striking floral arrangements, sculptures, and installations. The studio offers a range of services, including weekly deliveries to clients such as hotels, restaurants, shops and showrooms as well as having workshops for regular customers to attend. BOZ ART is not your typical florist as it provides arrangements for occasions such as fashion shows and high end brands, a few being Totême, Cartier and Max Mara. They have also done quite a few art-installations at different venues. Other than that, they cover a few exclusive homes in flowers and greens during festive periods.

With a background as varied as her floral creations, Mirja Bozarth Fornell brings a unique perspective and artistic flair to the world of floral design. BOZ ART uses a Makka :work to get around Stockholm for deliveries and transportations of delicate and high quality flower arrangements. To learn more about our :work series, check it out here!

Interview with Mirja Bozarth Fornell

What is the concept of BOZ ART?

Well, from the beginning I’ve been called punk, and I’m not sure that label applies absolutely to the letter, but I read somewhere that a true punk spirit is one that is constantly taking creative risks, thinking outside the box and breaking with old habits in order to adapt to change. That describes the concept pretty well I think.

Tell us a little bit about how BOZ ART came to be?

It was a complete coincidence. I was asked to be part of a start-up focusing on producing gardening tools/random garden-related objects. When presented with the preposterous joint venture I quickly backed out, but by then I was already delivering florals at the locale where there was to be a shop selling aforementioned random stuff. I liked the floral part, so stayed on. And from there the ball started rolling and rolling and rolling.

What is the driving force behind BOZ ART’s commitment to its community?

I don’t have any well-planned guidelines. I just know from experience that florals invoke euphoria, it’s just so easy to tell. Faces light up, hands stretch out towards the flowers, giggles erupt, some people even shout out loud. It’s brilliant really. And very immediate. It pleases me immensely to be able to contribute to that in a small way.

What is the connection between BOZ ART and nature? How do you view the relationship between nature and the art in your work?

I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors (both working and just enjoying nature) and I know that there is no way that what I do can compare to the real thing. However, twisting it, enhancing it, turning the flowers into something that makes people question reality, that I know. I’ve found a way to manipulate feelings using floral and botanical materials and now that I think about it, it’s a little terrifying really!

When and how did the relationship between BOZ ART and CAKE begin?

I actually remember seeing a first glimpse of CAKE very early on, before there were no more than a few prototypes out, testing was being done, and CAKE didn’t even have their own HQ up and running yet. I was trying to convince my husband that I should probably take up enduro and pointed at a picture of a couple bikes being tested out in a meadow somewhere. And then a while later the Ösa came out and I was a goner - that design! Now with the Makka :work version, it’s perfect for my business and lifestyle needs.

How does the CAKE vehicle improve BOZ ART’s daily business and operations?

My Makka is just perfect, the two delivery boxes offer great capacity and I love whizzing around the city delivering flowers. Apart from being such a fun way to get around, it’s sooo much faster, and time is pretty much always of the essence when it comes to flowers. The pollution-free aspect of CAKE is also a very important aspect for the business. Using the Makka also provides advertising for BOZ ART, as I am instantly recognizable while utilizing my CAKE.

What’s next for BOZ ART?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently actually. Plenty of clients that I work closely with think it’s time for me to expand and become a larger studio. Mostly so that I can do even more work for them, hehe. Others think it’s time for me to focus more internationally, move to Paris or NYC. I mean, that’s not a horrible idea, and I’m sure I can bring my CAKE on a boat… But I am starting up another venture now, working with something that is in one way as equally ephemeral as florals but also a little more long-lasting. It’s a brand new world, where I’ve never set foot before, and nothing makes me happier than leaping out into the unknown.

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