Ösa, utility for all professions!

Gabe Kennedy, a Los Angeles based chef, integrates the Ösa into his daily routine!

Gabe Kennedy

Gabe Kennedy is a renowned chef, adventurer, and sustainable food advocate who has become known for his innovative, farm-to-table cuisine that emphasizes local, organic ingredients and ethical food practices. He is also passionate about outdoor exploration and sustainable living, and frequently incorporates these interests into his cooking.

In 2020, Gabe was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for his contributions to promoting a more communal, green, and healthy world through his work in the culinary industry. He has shaped menus and cooked his way around the globe, and has even appeared on HBO's Selena and Chef, Chopped, and won Anthony Bourdain's competition show The Taste.

Today, Gabe is the co-founder of Plant People, a health food company and Chef Partner of Checker Hall restaurant in Los Angeles and to help him undertake his targets and interests, Gabe turns to the Ösa, a versatile and sustainable electric bike. To learn more about the Ösa and other commuter bikes, check them out here!

The bikes

The high-performance utility machine

Engineered for performance, lightweight and configured to meet your individual needs. Over a thousand accessory combinations are easily clamped onto the frame. The powerful battery features multiple outlets, doubling as a power station on wheels. Fully street legal. Ready to be registered as 50cc equivalent in EU and USA.

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