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Gabe Kennedy, a Los Angeles based chef, integrates the Ösa into his daily routine!

Gabe Kennedy

Gabe Kennedy is a renowned chef, adventurer, and sustainable food advocate who has become known for his innovative, farm-to-table cuisine that emphasizes local, organic ingredients and ethical food practices. He is also passionate about outdoor exploration and sustainable living, and frequently incorporates these interests into his cooking.

In 2020, Gabe was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for his contributions to promoting a more communal, green, and healthy world through his work in the culinary industry. He has shaped menus and cooked his way around the globe, and has even appeared on HBO's Selena and Chef, Chopped, and won Anthony Bourdain's competition show The Taste.

Today, Gabe is the co-founder of Plant People, a health food company and Chef Partner of Checker Hall restaurant in Los Angeles and to help him undertake his targets and interests, Gabe turns to the Ösa, a versatile and sustainable electric bike. To learn more about the Ösa and other commuter bikes, check them out here!

Interview with Gabe

What motivated you to enter the food and cooking industry?
I’m motivated by bringing people joy. Connecting with people, sharing stories and learning through the medium of food has provided me with endless inspiration. I will never know everything about food, and this keeps me hungry. The idea that I could transform humble ingredients into something that can change someone's days, bring people together or create a lasting memory - is inspiring. When I became a chef, I looked to apply the lessons of my upbringing, taking care of people and the planet, to my passion for cuisine.

Tell us a little bit about what drives your passion and dedication for your work?
My curiosity. I find learning something new deeply rewarding. I’m not set in my ways, but rather welcome the opportunity to make mistakes, learn, grow and evolve. This mentality allows me to have fun and approach work with a sense of awe and play. I also love being able to make a positive impact on people's lives - whether it is by providing a memorable celebratory meal, or helping people overcome some of their most pressing challenges with sleep, stress or pain - contributing in a positive manner feels great.

Have you ever used the Ösa for cooking?
Of course! I have used the Ösa for cooking adventures, a ride to a local park is part of my routine and I’m able to cook off the back with either a butane burner, or plugging into the bike with an electric cooker. Bringing my girlfriend, or friend along for the ride, stopping to snag a few bites and cooking off the back is a perfect afternoon. I cook for myself and others a lot because there is less waste, I know exactly what I'm eating, and I don’t have to have someone go across town to drop me a bag of food - not to mention there is no take out container ;)

In what ways do you integrate sustainability into your cooking?
I believe that eating with the seasons, buying food that is local, seasonal and organic if possible is the best way to make a difference. I’m excited by using techniques to preserve the flavors of the seasons so that I can use them throughout the year. I try to eat mostly plants, and mushrooms, connect with my local farmers and purchase meat and fish that is a reflection of my values. With all food, I try to use all parts of it, saving scraps for stock, using the odds and ends for compost. I also have a business Plant People that is committed to regenerative agriculture and climate education. Through this we plant hundreds of thousands of trees, offset all of our own and customers carbon emissions and work with biodiverse agriculture sources.

How has using an Ösa influenced your sustainability efforts as a chef and in life in general?
I’m often thinking about how I can be more efficient in life and in the kitchen or at my desk. CAKE is a choice that has certainly streamlined so much of my daily activities while also adding a sense of excitement, joy, purpose and ‘cool’ to it. Everytime i see the bike, I want to jump on it. I look forward to all the tasks I have to do, because riding around on it is just so much fun. I love being able to ride a bike from a company that actually cares, It reminds me to do better everyday.

How has riding electric transformed your daily routine?
I can’t express how much fun I have riding this way. The acceleration was surprising and of course I really enjoy that it is fumeless and quiet. I can say with confidence that riding CAKE has made a big impact on my daily routine, it is more fun, more sustainable and an incredible conversation starter. I’m able to ride to the farmers market with ease, load up the basket with goodies and scoot home without the challenge of looking for parking, schlepping to my car and waiting in traffic. It has also encouraged me to stay more local, so it encourages me to zip around to my local stores. Seeing the world from a bike makes it a whole lot more interesting.

How do you think a vehicle like the Ösa can assist within the cooking- and food industry?
I find myself grabbing food from the farmers market more, I can park right up front and load up the basket and ride home - no traffic, no finding a spot. It also makes little errands less of a chore and more of an adventure, as we know something always comes up, so why not make it fun.

As a restaurant owner, I can see CAKE being an integral part of the delivery business, in theory we could deliver more food faster, with higher quality, in a more cost effective way and of course without polluting the environment. I would love to see more companies make the switch to electric.