Battery x-large kit

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Lithium x-large battery for the Ösa with premium 21700 lithium cells and integrated SoC indicator. Integrated USB and 12V outlets to charge phones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices. Add a power converter to supply off-grid power to heavy-duty electronics like drills, welding machines and more. Weight: 25,5 kg Capacity: 3.5kWh / 70Ah Voltage (nominal): 51.8V Measurements: 265x298x393mm

Please note: software version SiliXcon V2.8 or above is required

This kit includes:
1 battery x-large (Ösa)
1 pcs battery strap extender

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

This part fits

Ösa flex
Ösa flex :work
Ösa flex AP
Ösa range :work
Ösa+ :work
Ösa+ AP