The perfect entry into the world of off-road motorcycle racing.


EST. delivery 1-2 weeks

Top speed

40km/h / 25 mph*


+1 hour*


from 6 years


32kg / 71lbs

Peak power


When it's time to upgrade to a real throttle

CAKE Trull is the ultimate transition into the world of throttled fun. The bike is developed to provide a steep learning curve, joy and instil further confidence. The power output is guardian controlled, enabling the rider to grow with the bike as their riding skills develop. CAKE Trull is a fully electric off-road motorcycle, with a top speed of 40km/h (25 mph), recommended for kids aged 6 years and older.

What’s included?

Everything you need to get going

  • CAKE Trull

  • Battery

  • Charger

  • Free Torrot Kids App