Picsmart is a Swedish e-commerce service for online shopping and home delivery of food, straight from your local grocery store. The company was founded in 2019 with the goal of making online food faster, more efficient and climate-smart. When they needed a fossil-free and efficient solution, the choice of vehicle supplier was clear.


Alexander Sjölin and Hugo Roström are managing Picsmart’s brand and operations respectively. “As a delivery company in this day and age we are always looking to utilize climate friendly and fossil-free transportation solutions,” Alexander explains.

Picsmart considered the Ösa flex as being able to carry cargo as well as making its way through the streets of Stockholm unhindered.

“My initial reaction to the Ösa was that it is extremely smooth and agile, it gets through traffic easily and is a joy to ride – even with heavy cargo. Our customers see us as a forward thinking company, and we also wanted a solution that fit well with who we are as a business.” says Hugo.

Why Picsmart chose CAKE

With the business model of providing efficient, quick and climate friendly delivery of groceries from your local store, Picsmart needed to find a matching vehicle solution. The discussions began in October of 2021 and ended up with Picsmart acquiring an initial batch of Ösa flex, a number that today has increased almost three fold.

“A vehicle that would fit our needs would have to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and of course have to be able to work practically with transporting groceries and cargo,” Hugo says.

Along with this criteria, it is also important for Picsmart to minimize wasted time and improve efficiency in all aspects. “The two-wheeled CAKE vehicle makes it easier for our drivers to park and get to our customers with their delivery, it has proved to be more efficient than our other vehicles,” Alexander explains.

ÖSA to the rescue

Picsmart uses a hybrid fleet of two- and four wheelers. “The CAKE vehicles have helped us a lot and optimized our delivery scheduling,” Alexander explains, with Hugo adding – “for the smaller deliveries we use the Ösa fleet and larger deliveries are made by bigger vehicles. The introduction of the Ösa was the unlock to higher efficiency and has really transformed our operations.”

Benefits of the ÖSA flex for Picsmart:

- The high modularity allows various accessories and therefore different types of packages and deliveries to be transported depending on the use case for the moment-

- The sustainability—not just zero emissions during driving but low and documented emissions of production.

- The battery – range is never an issue, being optimal for city driving.

A great way to get around—getting to pick-up locations and destinations faster and more efficiently.

“The battery lasts a full session, with one session being about 6 hours. By starting and stopping at different delivery locations our drivers can manage on one charge, especially with the Ösa being set to efficient ride modes to save as much battery as possible. Not running out of battery because we’re riding on Ride Mode 3.” Hugo explains.

The Results

“We have seen a significant increase in efficiency. We are much smoother, faster and it is clearly easier to perform runs. Even with traffic jams, CAKE proves to be the best solution. It can get through town quickly, through tight spaces and deliver despite bridges or roads being closed.” Hugo says.

Another aspect is that Picsmart drivers who work the Ösa learn the city faster and become more efficient compared to drivers of other vehicles.

The Future

Picsmart is on a journey to expand their business in the future. “We are currently only active in Stockholm and Malmö, operating around 10 stores in Stockholm.” Alexander explains.

They also had a presence in Åhus, Skåne where a store was up and running in the summer of 2022. The company certainly wants to expand into more cities in Sweden and one day even "test our wings abroad", according to Hugo.


Short-haul transports, food deliveries, factory floor transits, road maintenance and much more – CAKE’s two-wheelers are revolutionizing business logistics in a way that’s smooth, simple and clean. Regardless if you’re a first responder, carpenter, park ranger, photographer, real estate broker, delivery courier or service professional – there’s an electric solution for you.

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