A lightweight beast

Unlimited riding possibilities.

The next level in the category of lightweight electric motorcycles.


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Peak power


Street legal


Torque (wheel)


0-45 km/h



None / A2*



Power to weight ratio

The Bukk is built to maximize and optimize the characteristics around the electric drivetrain. The robust build, at only 89kg provides 456 Nm of instant torque. The unique power-to-weight formula is described by Remi Bizouard, 3x World FMX champion as: "It's extremely powerful, lightweight, and nimble. The bike geometry is robust and well balanced on trails and in the air. This creates new riding possibilities you couldn't do with a full-size bike."

Technology innovations

Built lighter and tougher for a new riding experience. The highly connected software features are combined with the finest aircraft alloy components, state of the art drivetrain and the most precision tuned premium suspension. Everything to extend product lifetime, minimizing maintenance and to make the lightest competitive enduro bike on the market.

Configured by you!

Do you want your Bukk to be street legal for on-road use, off-road only, or both? The Bukk offers multiple configurations within a single frame, allowing you to create your perfect bike. With the advanced bike settings, you create your own riding modes. Customize your suspension, lamps, and blinkers to match your individual needs. The Bukk serves as a convenient weekday commuter and foremost an off-road beast. Build your dream bike in the configurator!


The 2.9 kWh battery charges swiftly in 110V/220V outlets, reaching 80% in just over 1.5 hours. Its lightweight, heavy-duty construction provides best-in-class energy density. Innovative racing opportunities arise with its rapid locking mechanism, enabling tool-free battery swaps in under 30 seconds.

Explore the unlimited power

Bukk features three preset ride modes, including the new Elevate mode. Elevate is the Overclocked ride mode, with a 25% torque increase, it's considered too aggressive by professional riders, but a challenging invitation to infinity and beyond.

In the CAKE Connect app, you can upgrade to advanced settings for further customization, allowing riders to explore endless possibilities and truly personalize their ride, torque, motor brake, as well as throttle sensitivity, and much more!

Explore the Bukk

Lightweight for a reason.

Light, quiet and clean

The new category

Developed and purpose-built to be electric. The build is optimized around the characteristics from the electric drivetrain. Lightweight is the way forward and intensifies the heavy instant torque, ultimate range and exquisite throttle control.

The build

The Bukk have been engineered and manufactured from scratch to keep the weight down at new performance levels. New materials, tooling and manufacturing methods have resulted in the hyperlight build based on the forged 6061 aluminum frame and purpose engineered components. Introducing a new industry standard and pushing the performance of lightweight electric motorcycles to the next level.

Unlimited riding opportunities

No sound, no fumes, no complaints. The light weight combined with the heavy instant torque provides a riding experience like nothing else. Snappy, flighty, agile and nimble in any format. Pro MTB SICK team athlete Seth Stevens described it as “a game changer for all two-wheel enthusiasts.” Explore with respect!

A flying extension of yourself

The Bukk is highly connected through the CAKE Connect App, offering three preset riding modes and endless custom settings to suit your riding style. Together with premium attuned suspension of your choice, the Bukk provides incomparable agility, control, and speed, all without disturbing or polluting trails or tracks.

"What a beast"

Developed and test ridden with two-wheel connoisseurs from various fields and perspectives to ensure a bike that provides incomparable agility, control and speed.

Mike Giese

Mike Giese

@Mike Giese

"The new bike was quite the experience. The added power and increase in suspension created a brand-new riding experience. You could go faster, jump further and ride the new bike on larger tracks. The geometry and ride feel felt closer to a motocross bike, further closing the gap between the Kalk and a traditional motocross bike. I am very much looking forward to seeing people's reactions to this new bike."

- Mike Giese, CAKE Worlds Champion Men's 2022 and ex-professional motocross racer

Robert Kvarnström

Robert Kvarnström

@Robert Kvarnström

"The Kalk is probably still the fastest bike on narrow trails but the Bukk is something else, so much torque and still so lightweight. This is clearly the next step for electric off-roading, can't wait to ride more Bukk in 2023!"

- Robert Kvarnström, 2x Swedish Enduro Champion and +10 podiums in the World Enduro Championships

Mara Benecke

Mara Benecke

@Mara Benecke

"So my first thought after riding it the first time was like, what a beast. Because it’s pretty light and has so much power."

- Mara Benecke, CAKE One Design Race World Champion 2022 and multiple German championship MX podiums

What’s included?

Everything you need to get going

  • CAKE Bukk

  • Removable Battery

  • Charger

  • Toolset for final assembly

  • Service hotline

Honored for the recognition

The next level in the category of light electric off-road performance motorcycles.



German Design Award


Muse Design Awards, Other Product Design


IF Design Award


FIT Sport Design Award


2023, Rider's Choice Award, Best Dirt Bike Company


2023, European Green Award
Details subject to change - see all specifications