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The urban shuttle

The ideal tool for short-haul transits and quick city deliveries.

Makka :work

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Top speed

25/45 km/h*


100/110 km*

Street legal



82 kg

Peak power

1.8/3.3 Kw*

The urban shuttle

The CAKE Makka :work is an agile yet robust urban mobility tool and smart configuration platform that moves tools, equipment and gear easily from point A to B. Designed for modularity, it helps increase efficiency in your daily work. The Makka :work is built for maximum range, featuring double battery capacity and comes with a top speed of 45 km/h.

Commute edition - The ultimate commuter

The CAKE Makka is a lightweight yet robust electric moped, designed to hit both city streets and outback adventures, while doubling as a smart configuration platform for your everyday mobile needs.

Perfect for easy and convenient commuting.

Explore commute edition

Explore The Makka :work

The short-haul transportation tool.


Up to 110 km of range gets you where you need to be, while a total 82 kg of weight secures excellent driving characteristics.


Attachable accessories lets you bring everything from food boxes to bulky work equipment, with a total max load of up to 245 kg.


The combination of a strong battery and feather light weight earns the Makka a unique power-to-weight ratio.

Lowers your TCO
High quality bikes, using high quality components lowers costs over time
Highly sustainable
No emissions, but also highly recyclable parts that increase residual value
Higher efficiency
Higher uptime, backed by an extensive service network, allows the bike to run 24/7
Connected out of the box
All bikes have LTE connectivity for remote management and protection



Makka Range
The long range option with up to 110 km of range and top speeds of 25 km/h.
Makka Flex
The powerful version with increased peak power and a top speed of 45 km/h and 100 km of range.
  • 45 km/h*
  • Top speed
  • 100 km*
  • Range
  • Yes*
  • Street legal
  • AM, B*
  • Licence

"We increased our efficiency by more than 50%"

The Makka is developed to efficiently haul all your gear and transport you from A to B, faster and more conveniently than anything else on the road.

Oscar Johansson

Oscar Johansson

Founder, and CEO, FAVO food delivery

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50% with the CAKE bikes compared to 4-wheeled vehicles”

TFL Bike

“The Makka is the craziest little bike a have seen […] A really practical scooter, it’s lightweight, like 154lbs and super easy to ride!”

Kattia Juarez

Kattia Juarez

Sustainability Commission Director, FIM

“An amazing tool that will facilitate the transport of our team in the field in the different events with a minimum impact”

Track your rides - present and past

Download the CAKE Connect app

Analyze and improve from your riding. See your speed, time and distance and find your optimal route.
Available for iOS and Android

Explore CAKE Connect

Increased business efficiency

One bike engineered for all commuter types and individual needs. A machine built to last, the fastest way in traffic and equipped with accessories of your choice. 

Ride modes

Two fully configurable ride modes available for use with Makka :work. Depending on your business needs you can choose to have maximum torque and speed for efficient riding and quick deliveries, longer range settings for a long-lasting battery life for short-haul transport at limited speed and maximum reach, or more balanced settings to fit specific user needs. The configs are made through the CAKE Connect app.

Braking modes

The built-in electronic braking system helps regenerate braking power back into the battery for increased range. Additionally features a high efficiency FOC controller.


The Makka features a class-leading, powerful battery that easily can be charged when installed on the bike or separately. Easy to remove, the integrated SoC indicator and intelligent battery management system ensure increased safety and performance optimization. The external charger uses standard 110v/220v outlets and gets you from 0 to 80% in four hours, 0 to 100% in six hours.

With a superior power to weight ratio, the capable drivetrain of the Makka delivers the torque you need, while the swift direct drive hub motor propels you forward silently.

The Makka features our proprietary suspension system and comes with durable motorcycle tires and lightweight custom rims. The lightweight components make it a perfect tool for tight streets and narrow trails, allowing efficient transportation for every work situation.


Find all Makka manuals & assembly guides here

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Nimble, lightweight and quiet for convenient commuting.
33 360 NOK
Top speed:
25/45 km/h*
54-110 km*
Peak Power:
1/2.8 kW*
Street legal:

Honored for the recognition

Designed and engineered for a new standard of high performance, robustness and convenient commuting.



Scandinavian Outdoor Award


Winner of International Design Award


German Design Award


BIG SEE Product Design Award


IF Design Award Winner


Muse Design Award - Electric Vehicle Category


Core77 Design Award


Fast Company - Innovation by Design Awards


ABC Best Of Best


Muse Design Award - Utility Category


New York Product Design Award


European Product Design Award


Paris Design Award


German Innovation Award


Swedish Government Upcomer Export Awards

What’s included?

Everything you need to get going.

  • CAKE Makka :work

  • Removable battery

  • Charger

  • Lights & indicators

  • Rearview mirrors

  • Stand

  • Free CAKE Connect App

  • Toolset for final assembly

  • Service hotline

Details subject to change - see all specifications