Kalk Safety Recall

CAKE 0 Emission AB (“CAKE”) has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety may exist in certain 2018-2023 Kalk&, Kalk Ink&, Kalk :work, Kalk OR, Kalk OR Race, Kalk INK, Kalk INK Race, and Kalk AP, motorcycles

Lithium-ion batteries with specific cells installed in certain of these motorcycles can fail while charging. Battery cell failures that occur during charging can potentially lead to smoke development and/or fire.

CAKE is committed to your safety and has initiated a voluntary safety recall to address this issue.

You can still use your current battery to power your Kalk during this recall but should closely follow the charging instructions provided in the FAQ section below

Actions to take

Locate your battery serial number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and fill out the form below as soon as possible.

  • The battery serial number can start with an 'F' or an 'A' and is followed by ten numbers eg. F0000000000 or A0000000000. See image below for reference.

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the right side of the bike frame, just above the controller. See image below for reference.

After the form has been submitted, a CAKE customer service representative will get back to you to inform you whether your product(s) are part of the recall.


+46 8 551 222 90
Monday to Friday 09-17 CET


+1 833-356-1718
Monday to Friday 9-5 MST


No, only certain Kalk batteries are affected. Kalk LTD edition, Bukk, Makka, Ösa, Åik and Trull are not affected.

When charging the bike, do the following steps. ALWAYS read the charging manual before charging.

Charging Process and Environment

DANGER: Disconnect the charger immediately after charging. Charge and store the battery in a dry environment. Never charge in temperatures below 0°C or above 35°C, in direct sunlight or near flammable materials. Do not leave the battery unattended while charging. If the product shows signs of bulging or other issues, stop using it immediately. Do not cover the product while charging. In the case of battery leakage, avoid contact and seek medical attention.

Safety Precautions

Never charge unsupervised. Always be in attendance during the entire charging process. Only use the original CAKE charger with the CAKE Kalk bike. Do not activate the kill switch on the handlebar during charging to avoid accidental activation.

Pre-Charging Checks

  • Always inspect the battery for visible damage to the mechanical housing and connectors. Contact Cake if damage is observed and do not charge.
  • If the battery display doesn’t light up, refrain from charging and contact Cake.
  • Never charge below 0 °C or in direct sunlight.
  • Never charge in direct sunlight or if the air temperature is above 35°C
  • Never charge immediately after riding; wait at least 1.5 hours.
  • Always charge in a well-ventilated area.
  • If charging fails to initiate, wait 1 hour before retrying. Contact Cake if issues persist.

Do not attempt to charge the battery if you have experienced any of the following conditions:

  • The range is significantly reduced.
  • The bike shuts down randomly.
  • You cannot turn off the bike with the power button of the bike.
  • Power is reduced.

If any of these problems occur please contact CAKE customer service

Charging Steps

  • Disconnect the kill switch, turning the bike off.
  • Connect the charger to the battery (accessible by removing the seat or on the right motor fender).
  • Remove the protective plug on the charger connector by pressing the silver button and pulling the plug.
  • Plug the charger into an outlet, ensuring voltage compatibility.
  • A green light indicates completed charging.
  • Unplug the charger from the outlet before disconnecting it from the battery.
  • Replace the protective plug.


Never ride within 30 minutes after charging to let the battery cool down before use.

For more information please download and read the manual for your Kalk Model here

Store the affected battery indoors and away from direct sunlight, avoid storing your battery in temperatures below 10 °C or above 35°C .

Yes it is fine to store the affected battery in the bike,  as long the bike is stored in temperatures between 10° C to 35°C.

If your battery has been affected by this recall, you will receive more information regarding the recall process and what to do with your battery as part of the replacement process.