CAKE Referral Program:

Ride, Refer, Repeat: €250 for You, €250 for Them and a free Makka at 10 Referrals!

Share the freedom, ride together, be rewarded!

Becoming a part of our referral community means unlocking rewards for you and your friends. Every time they make a purchase using your referral, you will have a new riding buddy, contribute to the CAKE mission, and both will be rewarded.

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How It Works:

  1. Sign Up & Get Your Unique Code: As soon as you're registered, we'll send you a unique CAKE referral code.

  2. Share with Friends: Let your friends in on your thrilling new ride and grant them a €250 discount off their purchase (minimum order value €4000).

  3. Earn Every Time: For each friend who buys a CAKE bike using your referral, you earn an additional €250 for use on

  4. Bonus Reward: On the 10th referral? Unlock a special voucher for a brand new Makka :flex or a discount of the same value on any other more expensive CAKE bike model.

Your Rewards, Unveiled:

  • Earn a €250 voucher every time your referral code is used.

  • A special bonus awaits on your 10th referral.

  • Exclusive updates, offers, and more from the CAKE community.