Test Ride Waiver (the “Agreement”)

IN CONSIDERATION OF MY VOLUNTARY DECISION and our mutual agreement to allow me to test the electric motorcycle provided by CAKE eMobility AB (or its affiliates) (“CAKE”), I, the undersigned, for myself, my personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, spouse and assigns DO HEREBY WAVIER AND AGREE AS FOLLOWS

1. I am of legal age to ride a motorcycle in the Country in which I will participate in a motorcycle test ride and have a valid driver’s license (if necessary). I have provided a copy of my license as a condition precedent to the consent for my test ride.

2. I am over the age of 16 and, if under 18, have the consent of my parent or guardian to conduct a test ride of the CAKE Electric Motorcycle.

3. I assume all liability for any and all damages to the CAKE Electric Motorcycle that I will test ride, and which occur during my test ride. I also assume all liability for any and all claims, losses, liability or expenses which CAKE may incur as a result of my participation in the subject test ride. I hereby consent that CAKE may charge my credit card in a sufficient amount to repair any damages which occur during my test ride.

4. I understand that the activities that are associated with testing products and riding motorcycles, in general, are hazardous activities and I could suffer injury or death being involved with them. I agree and accept also that there are risks inherent in the testing of products in the activities for which they are designed to perform. Despite my awareness and understanding of the risks related the activities, I voluntarily agree to test such products as the CAKE Electric Motorcycle and, in doing so, elect to and completely and unequivocally accept all risks connected with my participation in potentially hazardous activities.

5. I acknowledge that I will become familiar with and understand how to operate the CAKE Electric Motorcycle as well as the safety and warning aspects of such equipment. I will operate the CAKE Electric Motorcycle in an appropriate manner and as designed to perform.

6. I agree that in the event of an accident or any other insurance policy triggering event, I will assist CAKE in completing an incident form and assist CAKE in handling the insurance claim.

7. I agree that CAKE collect my email and phone number in accordance with legislation and good practice to be able to reach me when needed.

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