Mudflap front

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The mudflap works as a mudguard extension, to keep water and dirt away from the rider. Fit for the Ösa.

This kit includes:
1 mudflap front
2 pcs DIN 965-T Screw MFT A4 M4x12
2 pcs bodywork washer
2 pcs washer M5 A4 3x15x1,2
2 pcs DIN 985 nylock nut LM6M A4 M4

Drilling is required to fit Ösa fenders, except Ösa range :work and Ösa flex :work.

*The product photo might not reflect the actual kit

This part fits

Ösa flex
Ösa flex :work
Ösa flex AP
Ösa range :work
Ösa+ :work
Ösa+ AP