Explore our financing options

Dive into CAKE's financing alternatives below and get ready for freedom on and off the bike!


Embrace the freedom of the ride today with our flexible loan options, designed to split your payments over time.

How it Works

  • Begin with a down payment.

  • Convert remainder to financed amount with monthly installments.

  • Flexible 12 to 60-month contract terms.

  • Balloon/residual value option for lower monthly payments.

*Financing is offered via a CAKE-approved partner.

Business lease

Experience the exhilaration of piloting a CAKE bike without the commitment of ownership. Discover our flexible leasing options.

How it Works

  • Business leasing is a long-term rental agreement.

  • Monthly payments for the CAKE experience, no ownership.

  • Choose to return the bike or buy it at set residual value.

  • Customizable contract terms: 12 to 48 months.

*Leasing is facilitated through a CAKE-approved partner.

Compare our financing options * Based on Makka Flex
Purchase Business lease Loan
Bike Condition Brand new Brand new Brand new
Period You own it 12, 24, 36, 48 months 12 to 60 months
First initial payment Full payment upfront From 0 - 49% of total bike value From 0 - 49% of total bike value
Insurance Not included Not included Not included
Payment Cash Monthly Monthly
Price example 44 700 SEK Incl. VAT Lease 542 SEK excl VAT 543 SEK incl VAT for 36 months

Reach out to our CAKE specialists for a comprehensive understanding of our broad array of financing options.

Upon receiving your details, a CAKE expert will promptly guide you through your alternatives and steer the following steps of your electrifying journey.