TFL Scrappage Scheme

£500 worth of accessories and parts when buying a bike using discount code: LONDON

High-performance electric motorcycles, mopeds and e-cargo bikes for business

With the announcement of the ULEZ expansion from August this year, the Mayor of London has launched an official TFL Scrappage Scheme encouraging Londoners to make the switch to low emission vehicles. A range of grants are available, including those aimed at small to medium-sized businesses and sole traders.

We at CAKE specialise in providing utility solutions to forward thinking businesses and have tailored an offer to recipients of the TFL Scrappage Scheme. If you have questions about the initiative, how CAKE bikes can replace your existing solution, or would like to set up a trial or test ride, please let us know using the form below.

Redeem your Scrappage Scheme offer of £500 off parts and accessories when you buy a bike using code 'LONDON'.

Why electric bikes from CAKE?

Lowers your cost

Thanks to electric power sources requiring little to no maintenance, and with high-quality components allowing prolonged product life cycles, the CAKE bikes are a money saver for your business, both long- and short-term.

Brings everything you need

Delivery parcels, food boxes, planks, boxes, ladders, pipes - you name it! With endless configuration possibilities like trailers, containers, bags and baskets, you can bring everything from a lunchbox to an electric power station on your ride.

Saves you time

Forget traffic jams or parking hassles. With agile and lightweight motorbikes, you’re all set for quick and efficient transports within your city. Removable and swappable batteries allow 24/7 riding, no matter your destination.

Powerful, long-range batteries

The electric motorbikes from CAKE are category-leading in terms of performance and durability, with strong battery sources to create towing truck-like hauling power.

Crushes competition, in any weather

The worse weather, the more traffic - meaning you’ll be on top of competition any day of the week with your compact, quick two-wheeler, built to endure even the harshest of conditions.

Join the post-petrol era

No fumes, no grease, no noise. CAKE bikes are silent, electric power machines designed to bring benefits for both people, planet and business.

Partner success stories

The future is heading in one direction: electric. But don’t take it from us, hear our partners explain the advantages of using electric bikes from CAKE.

Kattia Juarez

Kattia Juarez

Sustainability Commission Director FIM

“This alliance with Cake will be an amazing tool that will facilitate the transport of our team in the field in the different events with a minimum impact”

Oscar Johansson

Oscar Johansson

Founder and CEO FAVO

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50% with CAKE’s electric mopeds compared to 4-wheeled vehicles.”

 Steinar Danielsen

Steinar Danielsen

Sustainability Lead at Volvo M

"The Ösa bike is further enhancing efficiency and shrinking our footprint. This collaboration plugs directly into our goal of moving people sustainably."

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