CAKE x Dometic

the heat and cold box from Dometic, powered by the Ösa battery, points towards the future of high end food delivery.

fast, clean and efficient.

restaurant, courier and customer satisfaction.


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- Deliveries start in October 2021.

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words from our partners who's already out there

“Honoring food, flavor, sustainability and the local community, an electric, non-polluting and silent utility transportation-wonder like the Ösa, with temperature-controlled containers from Dometic is the only reason why we accept doing food delivery"

Joel Åhlin co-founder Agrikltur and Bar Agrikultur.

“It's really great how we can increase our efficiency by more than 50%, by using a scooter vs a 4-wheeler, getting stuck in traffic and not needing to find a parking space at the door of the customer. At the same time securing temperature and food quality through the Dometic coolers and heaters is a game-changer. A happy customer is the only thing that counts to us.”

Oscar Johansson founder and CEO at Favo.

why CAKE X Dometic

- Among the main frustrations today of many online delivery food consumers are receiving the food cold, messy and much later than expected.

- That’s not all, according to a recent study, 21 % of consumers said they have suspected a delivery person eating some of their food!

- Expected 22% increase of the food delivery market in 2020

- Expected mean annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8-10% in the coming 5 years

- More top restaurants are doing home delivery

Source: Dometic

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