Ösa: the high-performance
utility machine


Ösa: the high-performance utility machine

A multi-functional power station on wheels

The versatile Ösa comes with towing truck-like power, 1000+ configuration possibilities and off-road capabilities. Unique to its kind, the battery functions as a power station for your electric tools, to charge things like laptops, phones, tablets, speakers, lights and more.

Order a CAKE for Christmas and get a miniature gift for the stocking


Order a CAKE for Christmas and get a miniature gift for the stocking

Choose your Ösa:

Ösa flex

the moped version
Get more range and minimum weight with the moped version Ösa flex. Equivalent to a 50cc moped, it’s accessible with a standard driver’s licence.

from 1251 SEK / month from 312 EUR / month from 2746 NOK / month from 393 EUR / month from 141 EUR / month from 237 USD / month


the motorcycle version
Ride with power and speed with the motorcycle version Ösa+. Equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, it comes with a dual crown fork for ultimate stability.

from 1472 SEK / month from 367 EUR / month from 3112 NOK / month from 462 EUR / month from 166 EUR / month from 278 USD / month

Compare bikes

Deep dive into the differences between the Ösa+ and the Ösa flex and choose the one for you.

Ösa flex



top speed
top speed
45 km/h
90 km/h
drivers license
drivers license
AM or B (EU)
A1 (EU)
92 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*
84 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*
4 kW (5,4 hp)
10 kW (13,5 hp)

Take your pick:

Ösa+, with top speeds of +90km/h and a powerful motor, or the moped version Ösa flex, with top speeds of +45km/h and a durable battery.

Get inspired

With 8 pre-configured versions and 1 build-it-yourself version, there’s an Ösa configuration for everyone. Find the Ösa just for you.


Ösa Standard (Clean)

Raw power, true feel. The clean configuration brings out the original qualities of the Ösa.

Ösa Explore

Go on your next outback adventure. The Ösa Explore kit makes way for camping, fishing or outdoor trips, with an extra seat to bring your best bud along.

Ösa Commute

Beat traffic, with zero emissions. Bring your essentials from A to B.

Ösa Adapt

Comes with an accessory plate that allows you to conveniently attach things like child seats, top boxes and more. Fits accessories also from other suppliers.

Ösa Stowaway

Bring your friends. The Ösa stowaway kit lets you give tours in style, whether you’re commuting to work or riding the countryside.

Ösa Carry

The ultimate transporter kit, including a rack to bring longer tools like surfboards, skis, planks, ladders and more.

Ösa Power

Comes with a converter to juice up your heavy electric tools. Perfect for those remote explorations or long work days requiring easy-access power.

Ösa Max

The ultimate cargo kit for your bulky work missions and expeditions. Baskets, bags and racks give your Ösa maximum loading capacity.

Ösa configure your own

Put together your own configuration to fit your specific needs. Use our configurator to create the Ösa just for you.

choose your Ösa:

Ösa comes in two models, Ösa flex and Ösa +.
The Ösa + is the powerful version, with top speeds reaching 90 km/h and a strong battery - a machine built to last. The Ösa flex is the long-range model, with top speeds reaching 45 km/h - a dream tool for easy and convenient commuting. Pick the model that fits you!

More range, more power

Explore Ösa :work, a series optimized for professional use, developed with boosted motor power, more battery capacity and more accessories to transport anything you need.